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“GO Outdoors? Get lost” Scots fuming after UK’s biggest outdoor shop states that the Cairngorms are in Fife

SCOTS have been left fuming after one of the UK’s biggest outdoor stores has stated that the Cairngorms are located in Fife. 
GO Outdoors were slammed on social media after the July edition of the store’s magazine had pinpointed Cairngorms National Park on a map as being in Fife. 
The blunder was made on the “Our favourite places to camp” feature and shows Britain‘s largest national park placed in Cupar, Fife.

The UK map from the July catalogue - Scottish News
The map pinpoints the Cairngorms to Fife.

The blunder has left the popular park 70 miles away from its correct location in the Scottish Highlands.

And in the feature they even spelt the popular tourist destination as “Cairngorns”.
Another blunder saw the British company place Glencoe near Aberfeldy in Perth and Kinross – 70 miles from its actual location.
The Go Outdoors catalogue reads: “Cairngorns. The Cairngorms National Park is the largest park in the UK. In the heart of the Scottish Highlands it has incredible mountain scenery, best experienced from a tent or caravan!” 
Willie Scott, from Kirkcaldy, Fife, shared the blunder on Facebook on Friday captioned: “Go Outdoors new advertising magazine came through the door today. 
“Apparently the Cairngorms are now in Fife and Glencoe is near Aberfeldy.” 

The correct map of Scotland - Scottish News
The map of Scotland from Google Maps.

“GO Outdoors? Get lost.” 
The post had nearly 300 likes and over 50 comments.
One was delighted and said: “Score! My in-laws live by the Cairngorms – made up that GO Outdoors have moved them further away from me. Delighted with this” 
Another said: “No clue about Scotland’s territory, size and seas unfortunately.” 
While one user added: “They have spelt Cairngorms as CAIRNGORNS as well.
Almost as bad as Monroes.” 

One member of the group merely wrote: “Fa**ies.”

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