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Skin-crawling video shows thousands of ravenous midges swarming car in midst of Scotland’s “mega hatch”

A SKIN-CRAWLING video shows thousands of blood-sucking midges swarming a tourist’s windscreen in the midst of Scotland’s midge “mega hatch”.

Katrina Norman captured the horrifying footage whilst on holiday at Glenbrittle
Campsite and Cafe in the Isle of Skye on Sunday.

The clip shows thousands of the ravenous beasties crawling across the large front window of her car trying to get inside to sink their teeth into their next meal.


As well as the copious number of skin-crawling critters on the windscreen, there are clouds upon clouds of midges in the distance.

Katrina, from Livingston, West Lothian, posted the video to Facebook on Monday writing: “Outside this window lies pure pain.

“Midges at the camp last night on the Isle of Skye at Glenbrittle Campsite and Cafe.”

The post now has over 300 likes, with hundreds of people commenting on the terrifyingly high number of the pesky insects.

Midges Glenbrittle campsite - Scottish News
There were thousands more in the distance.                                                                                        (C) Katrina Norman

One user commented: “Getting itchy just watching that.”

Whilst another said: “I’d be sleeping in the car.”

One user replied: “That would put me off to be honest.”

Another added: “Midges are lethal this year.”

Katrina, 33, has been travelling around Scotland on holiday and said she’s had to fight off large numbers of midges in most places she has visited.

Speaking today she said: “It was like a swarm!”

“The second I stepped out the car they stuck to me.

“Most places we have been have had midges.

“We went to a chippy in Portree and while standing in the queue I was getting attacked by them.”

Midges Isle of Skye - Scottish News
The insects crawled all over Katrina’s windscreen.                                                                                (C) Katrina Norman

According to The Midge Report, recent warm weather will have caused a “mega hatch”.

Conditions over winter and spring mean that midges are expected in their masses since mid June.

Midge season in Scotland typically lasts from the end of May to September.

It has previously been estimated that the biting bugs cost the Scottish tourism industry around £268 million per year in lost visits.

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