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Heartwarming video shows blind and brain damaged dog having time of his life on Scots beaches

A HEARTWARMING video shows a blind and brain damaged dog having the time of its life on Scots beaches. 

Angus the Lurcher can be seen running around stunning deserted Outer Hebrides beaches without a care in the world.

His new owners, Anne and Jon Ashmore, both 57, took Angus on holiday to Luskentyre and Uig beaches on the Isles of Harris and Lewis this week.

The open space allowed Angus to run around as much as he wanted without the couple from Chesterfield, Derbyshire worrying about him having an accident because of his blindness. 

The heartwarming footage shows the beloved pooch prancing and spinning around the golden sandy beaches.

He can be seen embracing the open space with a large grin across his face with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and his ears bouncing with every step.

Another wholesome clip shows the re-homes dog splashing in around in the crystal clear water which is washing up against the near tropical beaches.

In the videos Angus is clearly having the time of his life has he makes the most of his spell off the leash, stretching his legs until his heart is content.

Anne, a part time primary school PE teacher, took to Facebook on Tuesday to praise the Isles and what they allowed Angus to do.

Blind dog jumping on beach- Scottish News
Angus leapt around freely with nobody to get in his way.                                                                        (C) Anne Ashmore

The post read: “Thank you to this beautiful island for giving our doggie the best experience ever. 

“Angus is blind and brain damaged due to ill treatment by his previous owners. 

“Because of his needs he can be scared and reactive but given space to be himself he just thrives! 

“The space and beauty and tranquillity of this place has allowed him to have the best holiday ever!”

The post now has over 3,000 likes, with hundreds of comments from users who loved watching Angus thrive. 

One user said: “This is just lovely!! Gorgeous boy. Brilliant seeing him enjoying himself.” 

Whilst another commented: “Aww that is so amazing, how lovely for Angus.” 

One member replied: “Oh such a happy dog. What a beautiful time and a beautiful place.” 

Whilst another added: “Oh this is so heart-warming, he’s gorgeous.” 

Speaking today, Anne said: “We have had Angus for just over 2 years.

Angus and Anne - Scottish News
Anne was delighted to see how happy Angus was.                                                                                 (C) Anne Ashmore

“We were alerted to him by a friend who thought we could give him what he needed as our daughter also has a blind lurcher, so we have experience with looking after blind dogs. 

“Angus was rescued by an amazing charity called Radar Rescue which is a very small rescue charity. 

“He is blind and suffers from seizures caused by a brain injury. His blindness is also due to the brain injury. 

“Angus can be quite anxious around new people and dogs, which isn’t surprising given his horrible start in life, but once he gets to know you, he is the sweetest boy. 

“He adores our 3-year-old granddaughter. 

“Despite all his medical issues and previous ill treatment, he loves life and is so brave and funny.

“He loves the beach, and we try to take him to quiet beaches where he can run free without worrying about encountering other dogs. 

“Lewis and Harris have been perfect because they are so spacious with very few people and dogs.

“Plus, they are just beautiful!

“We have to travel 100 miles to find a beach with this much space when we are at home.”

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