Monday, June 27, 2022
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Wild-camper captures stunning video of purple and pink sky around Glencoe

A WILD-CAMPER has captured a stunning video of the sun setting around Glencoe.

Rona Linton was camping in Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands with her wife and two dogs on Monday when she noticed the gorgeous dusk sky.

The 37-year-old, from Troon, South Ayrshire, captured the mountains completely surrounded by a stunning purple and pink sky.

The camera slowly pans round to show Linton’s tent pitched in a prime location for the picturesque vista. 

The vivid colours filled the entire sky in front of the couple’s remote camping spot.

Linton posted the video on Facebook on Wednesday, captioned: “Forget the midges.” 

The video now has over 700 likes and attracted comments from impressed viewers.

One member of the group said: “Absolutely gorgeous!” 

Another wrote: “Camped at the exact same spot a few weeks back. Amazing place for camping. Will definitely be back.” 

One social media user said: “It’s too perfect.” 

And another person added: “Outstanding.”

Distant Glencoe sunset - Scottish News
The pink and purple sky continued long into the distance.                                                                           (C) Rona Linton

Speaking today (FRI), Rona said: “It was pretty amazing for our first night!

“It wasn’t the same the second night, so I think we were very lucky. 

“It was spectacular looking at the amazing colours with the mountains in the background. 

“I just love a sunset, especially when the colours are like that. 

“You don’t get that every night!”

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