Scots carer struck off after repeatedly “smacking” his colleagues “buttocks”


A SCOTS carer has been struck off after repeatedly smacking his colleagues buttocks and behaving in a “sexually motivated manner.” 

Michael Findlay was removed from the register on Friday due to various sexually motivated incidents towards female colleagues.

The incidents, which dated between April 2018 and March 2020, also involved two 16-year-old girls

Michael Findlay carer | Scottish news
The former carer was found to have touched the buttocks of three of his female colleagues.      (C) Michael Findlay Facebook

Findlay, who worked at Havencourt Care Home in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, was found to have smacked four of his colleagues on their backsides at work.

The Senior Nursing Care Assistant also used tea towels, clip boards and papers to smack his colleagues on their rear ends.

Findlay was found to have said a number of inappropriate sexually charged comments to members of staff. 

On one occasion he told one carer “you’ve got a peachy derriere” whilst also telling another that she was “a very pretty young girl”.

Last week the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) removed Findlay from the register after deciding that his fitness to practice was impaired.

Included in their Findings of Fact, the SSSC stated: “On numerous occasions including once in or around January 2020 smack ZZ’s buttocks with a tea towel, newspaper and your hands.

“When ZZ was in the nurses’ station, move ZZ’s hips and hold her buttocks.

“On numerous dates unknown to the SSSC use your hands, tea towels, clipboards and papers to touch your colleague YY on the buttocks.

“On an exact date unknown to the SSSC, in front of (redacted) TT, use a menu to hit YY’s buttocks and say ‘you’ve got a peachy derriere’ or words to that effect.

“On an exact date unknown to the SSSC in or around December 2019, when YY was helping hang up tinsel, stand behind XX and say ‘oh I’ve got an even better view now’ or words to that effect [and] when XX bent down say ‘you shouldn’t do that front of guys like me’ or words to that effect.

Havencourt Care Home | Scottish News
The Havencourt Care Home in Stonehaven where Michael was previously employed.                                  (C) Google Maps

“You did…grab WW’s buttocks with both hands in the nurses’ station [and] grab WW’s buttocks with both hands in the reception area.

“[And]…slap VV’s buttocks then say ‘oh it’s okay, I do it to TT all the time too’ or words to that effect.

Findlay also told a female Rangers FC supporter colleague: “Rangers supporters
don’t deserve pretty girls like you.”

On making their decision to strike Findlay from the register, the SSSC panel said: “Your repeated, unwanted, and offensive physical and verbal contact was targeted at females for your sexual gratification. 

“Further, your behaviour violated your colleagues’ dignity and created a humiliating and offensive workplace environment. 

“Such behaviour is a violation of the fundamental rules of the social services profession.  

“Your sexually motivated behaviour was targeted towards female colleagues, most of whom were young and in their first job in the sector. 

“You abused your position of authority for your own benefit. 

“Your lack of insight, regret and remorse provides no comfort that this behaviour will not be repeated.

“Given the nature of your behaviour and seriousness, there is a significant risk to public interest if no action is taken against you.

“In relation to your sexually motivated behaviour, your victims included two young females who were only sixteen years old. Your behaviour constitutes an abuse of trust.

“The SSSC considers that a removal order is the most appropriate sanction.”