The “genius” cooking hack that keeps midges at bay has been revealed


WITH lots of midges expected this year, experts have revealed a delicious way to evade the ferocious Highland Midge using a simple combination of ingredients.

Developed by Scotch Beef PGI, Scotland’s leading midge expert Dr Alison Blackwell and chef Paul Green of The Torridon Hotel, the marinade is made from a tasty combination of midge-proof herbs and spices, including rosemary, thyme, bay leaves and garlic.

When added to beef and barbecued, the game-changing recipe releases aromas that form a natural midge deterrent, meaning you won’t be eaten alive while eating outdoors.

Torridon chef Paul Green - Scottish News
Photo by The Torridon Hotel. As well as devising a marinade, chef Paul has also developed an accompanying dip to be served for maximum midge busting.

Lesley Cameron, director of marketing and communications at Quality Meat Scotland, the industry body that promotes Scotch Beef PGI, said: “There’s no better way to enjoy the Scottish outdoors than with a barbecue surrounded by family and friends cooking top quality Scottish ingredients – that is until you’re suddenly swarmed by unwelcome guests in the form of midges.

“With the news that this year’s season is set to be particularly ferocious, we’ve consulted the experts to devise our midge-busting marinade as a brief respite from being eaten alive.

“As well as being a delicious addition to Scotch Beef PGI, it’s proven midge-proof properties are guaranteed to make it a winner at any summer get-together.”

Scotch Beef - Scottish News
Photo by The Torridon Hotel. The landscapes, lochs, and hills of the Scottish Highlands are popular UK destinations for both staycationers and midges.

As well as stocking up on the marinade ingredients, those planning an outdoor activity are advised to check Scotland’s Midge Forecast, which was developed by Dr Blackwell using data from biting midge traps around the country.

Dr Blackwell said: “This year there’s due to be a bigger hatch than ever of Scotland’s famous Highland Midge, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide indoors all season.

“Using a combination of natural deterrents like rosemary, thyme, garlic and bay leaves can help save summer by making midges less of a nuisance.

“Each year the season is becoming even longer, so having an arsenal of ingredients to call upon will be key to outwitting the midge.

“As well as the ingredients used for the Scotch Beef marinade, other herbs like mint, dill, lavender, geranium leaves and lemon balm are also effective, pairing well with beef as well as meats like Scotch Lamb.”

Torridon chef  - Scottish News
Photo by The Torridon Hotel. The marinade was devised and put to the test with the help of chef Paul Green.

Paul Green, head chef at The Torridon said: “I was very excited to be asked to help create a midge deterring marinade for Scotch Beef – midges are definitely an unwelcome guest to any Scottish summer feast.

“I’m always inspired by the robust and resilient produce that can grow in the Scottish Highlands, and what better way to fight nature than with nature, creating the best midge deterring recipe using some of the finest natural ingredients that can be grown in Scotland, like rosemary and thyme.” 

Scotch Beef PGI is sourced from selected Scottish farms, adopting best practice which includes animal welfare and production methods, as well as supporting Scotland’s rural communities. For more information, visit and @makeitscotch on Instagram.