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Court & Crime"Hell hath no fury..." Scorned girlfriend trashes "cheating" boyfriend's car after finding...

“Hell hath no fury…” Scorned girlfriend trashes “cheating” boyfriend’s car after finding out he “slept with Paul’s wife”

A SCORNED girlfriend has trashed and scrawled graffiti across her “cheating” boyfriend’s car after discovering his infidelity.

Locals spotted the damaged red Citroen C2 on John Ruskin Street in Tottenham in north London yesterday.

White spray paint covered the front, back, sides and windows of the vehicle with messages including “I’m f***ing Paul’s wife” and “My girlfriend did this”.

Red Citroen covered in white spray paint- London Crime News
“Hell hath no fury…” than a girlfriend scorned.

The spurned lover also wrote “D**k” and “I f**k Paul’s wife” on the car that had three circular cracks on the front windscreen.
The provoked girlfriend targeted the car presumably to send a strong message to her boyfriend and let a man called Paul know about his unfaithful wife. 

Local workers said the graffiti was sprayed between Monday evening and Tuesday morning as they noticed it when heading into work.

Images of the car were posted on Facebook but have since been removed.

One post showing the car at all angles was captioned: “Don’t think Paul took it too well.” 
While the other post read: “Yer Paul” 
Facebook removed both posts, saying: “This post goes against our community standards on harassment and bullying.” 

Hundreds of viewers had already liked and commented on the post, intrigued to find out more.

The red Citroen covered in white graffiti -London Crime News
The car was vandalised over night.

Carol Kennedy said: “After a s***e day at work, I’d like to thank the wife of Paul for being so accommodating and to the girlfriend for her fantastic penmanship on the car, it gave me a much needed belly laugh.” 
Michelle Miller said: “The only ending I can accept is the girlfriend and Paul finding true love together.” 

Erik Van Bommel said: “Best leave him, love. It’s only a Citroen.” 
While Col Jeff Smith said: “Those three gunshots to the windscreen were the icing on the cake.”
And Tyra Li added: “Hell hath no fury…?”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police today said: “Police were called at around 21:15hrs to reports of criminal damage to a car on John Ruskin Street, Southwark.
Enquiries are ongoing; no arrests have been made.”

While a worker at Smith and Brock the wholesale supplier of fresh & prepared fruits & vegetables where the incident happened said: “It looked really bad. It’s the last thing you expect to see when you’re going to work in the morning.”

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