New affordable flats development in Pitlochry to boost the towns housing


AFFORDABLE homes in Pitlochry have been given to tenants to boost the town’s housing availability.

Keys for 12 of the new flats in the town from Caledonia Housing Association have been given out.

The development at Elm Court, off Atholl Road includes two three storey buildings hosting a total of 12 two-bedroom flats for affordable rent.

Pitlochry is a popular tourist destination with a huge hospitality industry - Scottish News
Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Unsplash
The Old Mill Inn in Pitlochry, a part of the towns hospitality industry

Pitlochry is a popular tourist destination with over 70 hotels, hostels and B&Bs for large visitor numbers.

The town has a lack of affordable homes for the essential staff who cater for the tourism industry.

Mrs Sasara, a new resident at Elm Court with her husband and daughter, said: “Moving into this flat will be life changing for us. We currently live in staff accommodation with shared facilities, so having our own home is just so amazing.”

New affordable housing in Pitlochry will help accommodate essential workers from the tourism industry - Scottish News
Picture from Perceptive Communicators The Sasara family who are new tenants at the new development in Pitlochry.

The new development is part of Caledonia Housing Association’s five-year plan to build more than 750 affordable new homes.

Andrew Kilpatrick, director of assets at Caledonia Housing Association, said: “We are really pleased to be able to increase the availability of affordable housing in Pitlochry. This will no doubt be welcomed by the large number of hospitality staff in the area, as well as families looking to move into new, quality accommodation.

“We received many enquiries about our Pitlochry flats, and we have been really pleased at how quickly we have been able to house our new tenants.”