Irish father goes viral after hilarious reaction to poorly poured Guinness


A HORRIFIED Irish dad has gone viral on social media after his son recorded him reacting to pints of poorly poured Guinness.

Gerry Clooney’s hilarious foul mouthed tirade was captured by his son Graham Clooney as he scrolled through images of the iconic Irish tipple.

Gerry’s hilarious reaction has now gained 163,000 views, with Twitter users being left in stitches at the dad’s tortured remarks as he is presented with the awful pints.

The father and son duo - Viral News UK
Gerry Clooney (L) with son Graham Clooney (R)                                                                                 (C) @yenkeemusic

Posting to Twitter two weeks ago Graham, a musician from Cork wrote: “My Dad’s reaction to  @s***londonguinn.” 
The video shows the pair scroll down the Instagram of “S*** London Guinness” which has hundreds of images showing massacred pints.
The first pint shown has a massive head on it, while the second barely has any sign of the iconic creamy head.
Gerry despairs when he sees the second pint with: “Jesus Christ that’s giving them a bad name serving that s***.” 

He is then shown another pint to which he remarks: “Is that a pint no? Christ almighty!”

When Gerry is shown another pint with a huge head he says: “Ah for f*** sake, it is like a ice cream!”
The Irish dad swears repeatedly in his strong Cork accent in dismay at the scenes presented to him while Graham laughs in the background.

The son scrolled down the Instagram page - Viral News UK
The Guinness with a massive head.                                                                                               (C) @yenkeemusic

The Indie musician introduced his father Gerry to the social media page ‘S*** London Guinness’ to see his reaction.
The S*** London Guinness page has been documenting poorly poured pints of Guinness in the English capital since 2019.
The side splitting clip has now had 6,000 likes and almost 600 comments.
Mark McGee said: “Seen some of them first hand, sacrilege!” 
Mick Conlan commented: “Is your dad Roy Keane?”

Daniel Lynch quoted the dad: “Tiny rebel? Tiny drop of stout” followed by three crying with laughter emojis. 
While Gerard Duff added: “The Cork accent is the best in the world for saying ‘For f**** sake’.