Takeaway employee allegedly leaves savage voicemail for disgruntled customer


A JUST EAT customer was sent a voicemail message from an alleged takeaway employee saying to “choke and die” on his food after lodging a complaint.

Christopher Megrath was shocked to receive the brutal message on Tuesday after complaining to John’s Supper Bar on Anfield Road, Liverpool.

Christopher had phoned the company twice after waiting just under two hours for his £18 order which included a curry, spare ribs and fritters.


After becoming fed up of waiting, the magazine editor ended up cancelling his order completely – but the takeaway driver was already on their way.

Christopher claims his “grim” food turned up two and a half hours after he initially ordered it.

And shortly after, he received a savage voicemail from who he claims was a member of staff from John’s Supper Bar.

A female voice can be heard on the message, saying: “I hope you know your food won’t be free you scruffy little c***. 

“I will be going through Just Eat for my money back and I hope you f*****g choke and die on it.”

Christopher tweeted a video showing the voicemail, with the caption: “Processed a refund through @JustEatUK because the food was two hours late and grim and got this from the venue. Lmao.” 

Chris Megrath John's supper bar order - food and drink news UK
Christopher cancelled the order having waiting two hours.                                                              (C) Christopher Megrath

The video now has over 80,000 views, with over 100 people commenting on the shocking voicemail. 

@sjbr88 said: “Wow, just a shame they didn’t put as much effort into their orders.” 

@GarethJ51373787 said: “It’s the personal touch that really sets them above the rest.” 

@glynbmil said: “I don’t know about anyone else, but I just cannot stop listening to this … such passion! (especially when she says the C word)”

And @Pabs_ob added: “She seems nice.” 

Just Eat have since responded to Christopher on Twitter, saying: “Hi Chris, we’re deeply concerned to see this. 

“While the restaurants on our platform are independent from the Just Eat business, we hold ourselves to high standards and in line with these, we expect all our restaurant partners to act responsibly and respectfully at all times. 

“We take these matters extremely seriously and would like to investigate this, please send over a DM with your order details and we’ll go from there.” 

John's Supper Bar Anfield Road- food and drink news UK
Christopher ordered from John’s Supper Bar on Anfield Road.                                                         (C) Christopher Megrath

Speaking today (THUR) Christopher, who lives in Liverpool city centre, said: “I phoned after waiting for an hour asking where my food was and they said they were waiting on the driver. 

“I phoned after an hour and a half, again saying ‘where’s my food?’ and they said again they were waiting on the driver. 

“After an hour and 50 minutes I thought ‘right, I’m cancelling this’ and cancelled it on Just Eat. 

“It arrived after two hours and ten minutes, and it was just grim. 

“I ordered a curry, and it was chunky, the spring rolls were pale, it just wasn’t good. 

“When I first heard the voicemail I thought ‘as if she’s sent me that’ but after listening again I just thought it was really funny. 

“I’d already got a refund so I really didn’t care. 

“I was nervous about tweeting it because they have my phone number and address but it’s just really funny.” 

John’s Supper Bar last night declined to comment.