Adorable video shows unexpected pair of furry friends sharing dinner


AN ADORABLE video has caught an unexpected pair of furry friends sharing dinner as a Persian cat tucks into a plate of tuna alongside a baby hedgehog.

Retiree Paul Griffiths, from Warrington, Cheshire captured the cute clip of the two pals sharing a meal without a care in the world last Monday.

The dynamic duo dine together most evenings, but sometimes the friendly family of hogs living in the garden shuffle in to clear the plate before five-year-old Ollie gets a chance.

The video shows the adorable baby hedgehog sitting side by side with the long-haired white feline as they gnash away at their fish. 

The pair munch away shoulder to shoulder, completely unphased by their peculiar company.

The nonchalant baby hog can only just reach over the edge of the rimmed blue plate whilst keeping his two back legs on the ground.

The prickly pal can be seen nibbling away at small chunks of the light brown fish whilst the fluffy white feline can be seen scoffing down as much as he can.

The prickly pal is joined by Morris the cat | Animal News UK
The pair share dinner on most evenings.                                                                                                 (C) Paul Griffiths

Paul shared the wholesome video to TikTok later that night writing: “Baby Hedgehog and Cat share a meal.

“#hedgehog #cat #shareamealtogether”

The post has now collected over 100 likes and 900 views.

Speaking today the 57-year-old said: “I put cat food out for the Hedgehogs most days and Ollie sometimes smells it and comes to have a nibble himself.

“At times the hedgehogs have got there first but as you can see Ollie is happy to share.”