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NewsScots living in deprived areas boost university applications by 11%

Scots living in deprived areas boost university applications by 11%

SCOTTISH universities have been witnessing their applications for entry into 2021 soar higher than ever before.

With these record-breaking numbers comes the information that there has been an increase by 11% in applications from people living in deprived areas.

The figures showing the record number of applications comes from the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS)

person at graduation - scottish News
Photo by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash. It was the deprived areas in Glasgow that seriously increased the university statistics.

Scottish institutions saw the amount of individuals applying to them increase by 10% to 140,440

Jamie Hepburn, Higher and Further Education Minister said: “These statistics show a steep rise in prospective students looking to study at Scottish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), with applicants from Scotland’s most deprived areas increasing by 11% to a record high.

“We have seen a big percentage increase in applicants from international students outside the EU and that again demonstrates the attractiveness of Scotland as a place to come to live and study.”

edinburgh university - Scottish News
Photo by Tommao Wang on Unsplash. Scottish institutions like the University of Edinburgh have seen a 10% increase in applications.

The most deprived areas in Scotland had their applications to UK providers shoot up by 11% but non-EU international applicants also went up by 23%.

The statistics provided, also showed a decrease of 41% in applicants based in EU countries planning to study in Scotland.

Mr Hepburn added: “There was however a sharp drop in EU students applying to come to Scotland, which was always going to be an inevitable consequence of leaving the EU.

plane in the clouds - Scottish News
Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash. Applicants in EU countries applying to study in Scotland has dropped by over 40%.

We will continue to work with our international partners to strengthen our education and research relationships through scholarships and by promoting Scottish learning and research globally, recognising the ongoing importance of our close relationships with our European neighbours.”

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