Pony owner issues warning after pony spooked by tribute helium balloon


A PONY owner has urged grievers not to let off helium balloons whilst mourning their loved ones after a plastic inflatable left her beloved pet “scared to death”. 

Cherylyn Gibbs was shocked to see her pony, Magic, 6, get spooked by the memorial balloon on Saturday, sending him into a frenzy. 

The 41-year-old was shocked when her beloved pony got the string from the balloon caught in his mouth and galloped away uncontrollably in fear before getting caught in a barbed wire fence

Cherlyn holding balloon Northamptonshire - Animal News UK
Magic got the string from the balloon caught in his mouth.                                                                     (C) Cherylyn Gibbs

Cherylyn, from Daventry, Northamptonshire, counted herself lucky that the stallion had only exhausted himself and collected “a few nicks”. 

She has now urged grievers to find other ways to mourn their loved ones, arguing that balloons could cause “severe injury or death” to her animals. 

Cherylyn shared a picture of the balloon to Facebook that night urging users to use other methods to mourn their loved ones.

Helium balloon Northamptonshire - Animal News UK
Cherylyn posted a picture of the balloon on Facebook.                                                                          (C) Cherylyn Gibbs

She wrote: “To this person, I am really sorry you lost your dad but I am afraid this didn’t reach him. 

“Instead I could have lost a pony, this was in our horses field in which the string was stuck in our pony’s mouth so when he put his head up to walk away the balloon scared him to death so he tried to run away. 

“Unfortunately the balloon didn’t go away and carried on chasing him. 

“He ran and ran and eventually ran into a barbed wire fence and thick hedge.

“We caught him to free him and was lucky he was only sweaty, exhausted and a few nicks. 

“We all miss our loved ones, I do but rather than balloons or lanterns please plant a tree or light a candle, anything because next time we might not be so lucky.”

The post has now collected over 6,200 likes with over 1,000 comments from users who were shocked at the incident.

Emily Lauryn said: “There are so many ways to remember people other than releasing a bit of plastic with your breath in it? 

“Causing the environment and other people harm makes you a very selfish person and takes away any ‘good’ incentive you had by releasing a balloon.”

Lily Topley wrote: “It’s frankly disgusting that people really have the attitude ‘well it helps someone deal with loss.’

Magic the pony - Animal News UK
Magic was left shaken by the incident.                                                                                                  (C) Cherylyn Gibbs

“Sorry but it may help them, yes, but they are literally choosing to put someone else through devastation.”

Sam Pountain argued: “The horse shouldn’t have eaten it.”

Lesley Whitley replied: “I have just shared your post. 

“I get annoyed when people send balloons to heaven and don’t think of the consequences. I’m glad your horse is ok.”

Louise Currie commented: “ I let balloons off on my dads anniversary and birthday and will continue to do so, we don’t do latex ones or strings. 

“It helps my kids, and me, as silly as it sounds.”

Speaking today Cherylyn said: “Grief and loss is a painful and horrific emotion we as people have to go through. 

“There are so many different ways to bring comfort to yourself without causing pain and loss to others. 

“People may say these are only animals but they can be a child’s beloved pony or a farmer’s livelihood. 

“Please reconsider sending these balloons/lanterns into the sky when planting a tree would be something that could last a lifetime and does not put any animals at risk while helping the environment.

“He (Magic) is a fairly level headed pony. A few hours before that our other ponies were out. 

“If one of the others had it happen to them, they would have panicked, jumped the fence and risk breaking a leg, landing in a ditch, getting on the road or shock can bring on colic. 

“So the risk of severe injury or death could happen.”