Sunday, July 3, 2022
NewsEngland fans sit in silence on the London Underground after Euro 2020...

England fans sit in silence on the London Underground after Euro 2020 final defeat

HEARTBROKEN England fans were captured on a silent tube in London last night devastated after their Euro 2020 3-2 penalty loss to Italy. 

TikTok user @sbldn_ captured the fans despair on the Jubilee Line from Bond Street to London Bridge last night.

In the clip, an array of Three Lions fans in red England tops can be seen standing on a packed tube with disappointed expressions. 

The TikTok user who is also called Sara can be seen on video with her friend smirking at the fans pain with the caption : “Point of view: England just lost.” 

The video pans up and a man in a yellow retro England shirt can be seen standing looking vacantly at the floor. 

The shot then changes to a full view of the packed carriage and around 15 England supporters sitting silently. 

Finally it zooms into a couple of middle aged fans sitting on the right side of the tube looking shattered by the defeat while the sound of crickets plays in the background.

The majority of fans are not wearing masks on the train despite the requirement to wear one on public transport in place till July 19 in England.

The video has been shared to TikTok nine hours ago captioned: “It’s not coming home”  where it has been viewed 451,000 times. 

The clip has 72,000 likes, nearly 2000 comments and over 2000 shares and has left social media users with mixed reactions to the heartbreaking clip. 

Sara captured the footage on her way home - Football News UK
Sara who snapped the heartbroken England fans.                                                                                     (C) @sbldn_

@looloots said: “I’m gutted we lost but this is hilarious.” 

@Baitoie added: “I sleep well knowing a lot of men are crying tonight.” 

Some Twitter users felt compassion for the Three Lions fans.

@notomunic said: “We’re allowed to be sad.” 

@christinaeduardo1 said: “I’m not even a football fan but this is sad.” 

While @scarlettalicesmith added: “So sad they can’t wear masks?” 

Speaking today, Sara said: “I’m not a big football fan but I did want it to come home.

“The atmosphere after we lost was crazy the streets were quiet and the tubes were silent

“Everyone was just p***** off, almost completely – no one was talking.”

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