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Hemp seed oil company gets exciting new role within pharmacy group

A HEALTH and wellness company known for supplying high quality products has been appointed to the role of a preferred supplier for a pharmacy group.

Voyager Life plc, known for its production of Cannabidiol and hemp seed oil has been named by Inphaserve as one of their preferred suppliers.

More than 30 independent pharmacists in Scotland and England are served by Inphaserve Independent Pharmacy Buying & Support Group who negotiate contracts on their behalf.

man working at pharmacy - Scottish News
Photo by the National Cancer Institution on Unsplash. As well as being distributed to pharmacies, Voyager’s products are available in over 40 stores and over 20 retail sites including Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

The distribution network of the company has already seen a rapid increase in just a month with June 2021 having sales 4x greater than May of the same year.

Currently Voyager’s products are available in over 40 independent retail stores in Scotland as well as many popular websites like Amazon and Ebay.

Nick Tulloch, CEO of Voyager, said: This is an important new deal for Voyager with a partner that immediately recognised the quality of our products.  We look forward to working with Inphaserve to distribute our CBD and hemp products across their network.

laptop with graphics - Scottish News
Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash. Sales for Voyager greatly increased between May and June 2021.

“Post-IPO the Company has cash balance of circa £2 million and is well positioned to build a diverse and robust demand pipeline of sales.”

The agreement will add Voyager to Inphaserve’s list of approved suppliers, meaning the company can share its marketing materials with Inphaserve’s independent pharmacies.

The Inphaserve agreement further evidences Voyager’s belief that a significant opportunity exists in the CBD sector as a result of the expected growth of the market.

hemp plant and oil - Scottish News
Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash. CBD oil is becoming increasingly more mainstream prompting more CBD products.

The next plans for expansion within Voyager during Summer are for its hemp range for pets which has proved incredibly popular.

Mr Tulloch added: “Forthcoming product releases and the opening of our store in St Andrews this month provides further opportunities for us to continue to increase our sales.

“Alongside these new products, we will also be updating our branding and upgrading our website in the coming months.”

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