Martin Compston praised by England fans for not jumping on “hating bandwagon”


MARTIN Compston has received praise from England fans after he tweeted his support for the side after their loss to Italy at the Euro 2020 final last night.

Compston has surprised fans with his tweet after appearing and has been praised by fans for not “jumping on the English hating bandwagon.”

The Three Lions’ Euro 2020 campaign ended in heartbreak as they were beaten by Italy 3-2 on penalties.

Martin Compston England tweet - Football News UK
The 37 year old actor tweeted praising the England team but criticising some of their fans.

The 37-year-old tweeted this morning in support of the team, singling out the “humility” of manager Gareth Southgate. 

He also championed Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling as “role models” in his post.

The TV celebrity surprised fans with his tweet after appearing to support English opposition throughout the tournament.

However, the Line of Duty star condemned abuse of the players from Three Lions fans. 

Compston’s tweet read: “Knives out from some who had them knighted yesterday. Southgate and his team carried themselves with class.

“He led with humility, Rashford & Sterling role models for youngsters football or otherwise, credit to their country. 

“Those that boo and abuse them are what’s wrong with it.”

Martin Compston - Football News UK
Compston singled out Southgate, Rashford and Sterling for praise.                                           (C) Martin Compston/Twitter

The tweet now has over 15,000 likes, with over 100 people commenting on Compston’s summary. 

@OliviaG37717638 said: “Well said Martin. Well said.” 

@Fulhamatt commented: “Thanks for not jumping on the English hating bandwagon, Martin. 

“Most of us are decent, it’s just a shame about the rest.”

@StewFuller82 replied: “Well said Martin. 

“So proud of the team but ashamed of those trashing the place, breaking security barriers and worse of all abusing or racially abusing those we should be idolising.” 

@DaveStevenson13 added: “Any other sport a Silver medal position would have been applauded. 

“All the home nation’s teams have played brilliantly, all young squads with plenty of talent. See you all next year.”

FA anti-racism statement - Football News UK
The FA put out a strongly worded statement condemning the abuse.                                        (C) FA Spokesperson/Twitter

Compston was not the only one who condemned the abuse of the English players last night.

The English FA have condemned “disgusting” racist abuse online that players have received. 

An FA statement early this morning read: “THE FA strongly condemns all forms of discrimination and is appalled by the online racism that has been aimed at some of our England players on social media. 

“We could not be clearer that anyone behind such disgusting behaviour is not welcome in following the team. 

“We will do all we can to support the players affected while urging the toughest punishments possible for anyone responsible. 

“We will continue to do everything we can to stamp discrimination out of the game, but we implore government to act quickly and bring the appropriate legislation so this abuse has real life consequences. 

“Social media companies need to step up and take accountability and action to ban abusers from their platforms, gather evidence that can lead to prosecution and support making their platforms free from this type of abhorrent abuse.”