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“The next pineapple on pizza debate!” – Airdrie takeaway divides opinion on salt and pepper tattie scones

A SCOTS takeaway has divided social media users after posting pictures of salt and chilli tattie scones as a new addition to their menu. 

Family run Rolls at Roys in Airdrie advertised their new dish on Facebook yesterday and it has sent social media users into a frenzy.

Social media users are now debating whether the snack is a hit or a miss while the owner of the eatery has hailed it as the “next pineapple on pizza debate.”

Salt and chilli tattie scones - food and drink news Scotland
The new creation has divided social media users.                                                                                          (C) Carol Roy

Pictures posted to Facebook show two sets of the tasty treat with five slices of the tattie scone in each box.

The tattie scone, which is usually served with a Scottish fry up, is sprinkled with salt, and served with thinly sliced peppers and chillis.  

The restaurant described it as “another level of creation” in the comments on their post. 

The innovative takeaway posted their new creation to Facebook yesterday, writing: “Salt and chilli tattie scone mad. Don’t knock it till you try it! Our customers for these today say a lot!”

Salt and chilli hash browns - food and drink news Scotland
The takeaway also made salt and chilli hash browns for a customer this morning.                                            (C) Carol Roy

In a previous post the salt and chilli tattie scones can be seen in the hands of someone with the caption: “Oh my god… my son is in heaven, salt and chilli tattie Scones.”

Co-owner Carol Roy said: “We are all having a real giggle about this. I can’t believe the reaction in a couple of days!

“We are a small local brand new breakfast, brunch and lunch business that only opened four months ago and it looks like we’ve created the next ‘pineapple on pizza’ debate.

“We have a young team of great personalities in our shop and we had a wee bit too many tattie scones after a quiet week.

“So we created a twist on satisfying the breakfast and brunch market which is often forgotten in the takeaway industry, tasty and fresh. 

“So I asked the chef to put our salt and chilli veg mix and seasoning on them, serve them like majestic pyramids and have some fun. 

“I asked my 11-year-old son what he thought and he was the official taster. 

“The picture posted was my wee boy in his onesie having had the delivery of the #tastytattiescone.

Rolls at Roys - food and drink news Scotland
Rolls at Roys was started by Carol and Tom Roy.

“We have had such fun reading the posts and the comments go from “game changer – different level” to “where can I get these? I need this in my belly”.  

“The reach is now as far as someone from New Zealand chatting with us. 

“We’re delighted as we opened during tough times but I know I have a dream team of innovation and some right good scran for £3!”

This morning Carol was asked by a customer for salt and chilli hash browns, and duly obliged.

The post now has over 790 likes, with over 3,500 people commenting on their new dish. 

Some users were strongly against the idea of salt and chilli potato scones. 

Paul Scooby Fisher said: “It’s not a snack for anyone mate looks boggin. 

“Salt and chilli anything these days just to make a quick pound.”

Gina Logan said: “I got heartburn just looking at this pic.”

But others raved about the delicious design. 

Courtney Osborne commented: “I need these in my life.” 

Carol Anderson added: “Looks tasty as long as tattie scones are crispy”

It is not the first time the tattie scones have been given the salt and chilli treatment.

It was reported that Scottish food producers Halls introduced Salt and Chilli tattie scones in 2018 with the snack appearing to be popular with foodies.

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