Anxiety inducing video shows kayaker paddling deep into claustrophobic 2ft wide cave


AN ANXIETY inducing video shows a Scots kayaker paddling deep into a 2ft wide cave system.

George Ramsay, 50, captured the hair-raising footage as he calmly paddled deep into the rock face of Arbroath Cliffs, Angus, on Saturday. 

The stomach wrenching footage shows George squeezing through the narrow cave in his orange kayak. 

George, a blacksmith, who lives just five minutes away from the caves, can be seen pushing himself deeper and deeper into the pitch black crevasse.

The red rock narrows and widens as the explorer proceeds fearlessly into the depths of the rock. 

The narrow path finally opens up and there is a small stony beach at the end of the tunnel. 

George and his partner Carol Cargill go kayaking every weekend and love exploring new coastal areas when possible. 

Despite having explored the cave previously, George explained that it changes each time with different tides. 

George shared the footage to Facebook yesterday morning writing: “A paddle through the bunker cave at the weekend, excellent conditions.”
The post has now collected over 1,000 likes with over 250 comments from users who felt claustrophobic watching the footage.

Dave Thomson wrote: “Too scary for me, but must be amazing for those that can handle this…”

Kayaking through narrow cave - Watersports News Scotland
The cave was a mere two feet wide.                                                                                                    (C) George Ramsay

Alison Banham said: “Oh my god, having palpitations just watching the video.”

Justin Kay commented: “Didn’t know I was claustrophobic until I saw this lol!”

Marissa Szczepanek replied: “Talk about anxiety. Yikes!” 

George Shug Ramsay - Watersports News Scotland
George has visited the caves many times.                                                                                           (C) George Ramsay

Speaking today George said: “It’s a cave I discovered a few years ago.

“It then took me a while to find it again, this was at high tide but the water was calm.

“It’s not often we get into this cave but we take every chance we can.

“It’s pretty cold and so dark you cannot see your hand if you don’t have a light.

“It’s actually unbelievable, it changes every time you go with different tides, the colours and heights of accessible areas vary enormously.

“I would say I’ve been in every cave a hundred times. I’m quite familiar but I’m never not surprised at how spectacular it is.”