Tuesday, July 5, 2022
EntertainmentHilarious image shows Londoner with his legs completely stuck in bin

Hilarious image shows Londoner with his legs completely stuck in bin

A HILARIOUS image posted to social media has caught the moment a Londoner became trapped by a bin. 

Tina Joseph captured the bizarre image yesterday showing the man’s torso poking out of the bin horizontally in Lisson Grove, London. 

Tina, 47, from Marylebone, London, offered to call the fire brigade but the mysterious bin man laughed and declined the offer for help. 

Londoner stuck in a bin | London News
The man could be seen trying to wriggle his way free from the tight clutches of the bin.                               (C) Tina Joseph

As receptionist Tina left to collect her son from school the trapped bin explorer continued to flail around in a bid to free himself. 

When Tina, from Marylebone, London, returned to the scene 10 minutes later, the trapped man had successfully escaped the grasps of the unforgiving bin.

The peculiar snapshot shows the man, who is wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans, with his legs entirely swallowed by the bin. 

The temporary bin prisoner is using his left hand to prop himself up whilst attempting to free himself with his right hand. 

Tina posted the picture to Facebook this morning writing: “Lisson Grove, he got properly stuck.”

The post has now collected over 300 likes with dozens of comments and shares from users who joked in their responses. 

Lok Thecreator said “And here, kids, is how we’re being born.”

Dave Barfield wrote: “This picture sums up the devolution of the human race perfectly.”

Jason Muncey said: “When you recycle stuff, you’re supposed to take it out of your pocket first!”

Chris Matthews replied: “He thinks he’s a small electrical appliance.”

The bins the Londoner got stuck in | London News
The Londoner declined the assistance of the fire brigade.                                                                         (C) Google Maps

Chris Dines commented: “Are you not meant to remove the clothes before donating them!”

Speaking today Tina said: “I was on my way to collect my son from school yesterday, just as that torrential rain started.

“I don’t know how he got in there but he was flailing around as I was passing. 

“I asked him if he wanted me to call the fire brigade but he laughed and said no. 

“I carried on my way but 10 minutes later on my way back he had already managed to free himself.” 

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