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Hilarious video shows Scots footie fan fall off pool table celebrating EURO 2020 final

A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots footie fan fall off a pool table as a pub descends into chaos celebrating England’s loss to Italy in the EURO 2020 final. 

Hannah Nodwell captured the moment Scotland fans reacted to Bukayo Saka’s penalty miss in the Beechwood pub in Kingspark, Glasgow, on Sunday.

The chaotic clip shows Scotland fans climbing over tables and chairs with two punters taking large falls off of a pool table.

As the football fans realise that Italy have won the final, the pub fills with cheers as they begin to jump and scream in celebrations. 

One pub goer in a grey shirt can be seen climbing on top of the pool table where he then slips and crashes to the floor.

As he attempts to lift himself up from the ground, his friend also falls from the table and crashes into the wall before clattering into some stools.

He then lies face down on the floor as a pint of Strongbow Dark Fruits crashes down next to his head.

Hannah confirmed that the two men who fell over in the video were fine after the blunder.

The clip has been shared on social media collecting over 5,000 likes with over 800 retweets and 100 comments from Twitter users who were left in stitches by the fall. 

The Scot footie fan on the floor | EURO News
The Scots pub erupted as Italy defeated England in the EURO 2020 final.

@FgtPHxL wrote: “Scots know how to get knocked out.”

@DirkTurk said: “That’s how to celebrate a goal.”

@TheSE7_ commented: “‘Knocked out’ and ‘finishing right at the bottom of the table’ again by the way, you really couldn’t f****** make it up.”

@Logan__Bones replied: “Royal rumble on top of that pool table.”

Speaking today, Hannah, 19 said: “We were in the Beechwood pub in Kingspark (Glasgow Southside) and we were watching the euros final.

“I was wanting to record Italy winning on camera so I started recording and everyone went absolutely mental when they won.

“The boys were jumping on the table and it was just unlucky one of them fell off and hit his head.

“He’s absolutely fine though, no major injuries.” 

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