Biker “caught with his pants down” by police after covering number plate with pair of boxers


A BIKER has been “caught with his pants down” by unmarked cops after covering his number plate with a pair of Next boxers.

Darlington Police busted the sneaky moped driver in Darlington town centre, County Durham, last week after he’d hidden his number plate to drive antisocially.

Having not spotted the unmarked cops, the foolish road user was reported for driving offences and had his bike seized. 

Moped with boxers covering number plate | Traffic News UK
The sneaky biker covered the number plate so he could drive antisocially without repercussions.           (C) Darlington Police

One bizarre image shows the white and blue moped parked up at the side of the road with the pair of black Next boxer shorts hanging off the end of the bike. 

The underwear has been hooked over the number plate which sits to the left hand side of the moped’s silver exhaust.

Above the men’s undergarments there is a red reflector whilst below there is a white and red learners plate, suggesting that the driver does not yet have his license. 

Darlington Police posted a record of the incident to Facebook on Sunday, writing: “A moped rider was caught with his pants down (literally) after using them to hide his number plate so he could ride antisocially around the town centre.

“Unfortunately for him, he didn’t see our unmarked car. Bike seized and rider reported for driving offences.” 

The post has now collected over 200 likes with dozens of comments and shares from social media users who joked in their responses. 
Andrew Brand said: “Was he leaving skid marks?”

Graeme Robert Britton wrote: “Fantastic, crush the bike.”

The seized moped on the recovery truck | Traffic News UK
The driver didn’t notice the undercover cops and had his bike seized.                                                  (C) Darlington Police

Suzie Kirkbride commented: “That’s just nasty.”

Hanna Paree replied: “Never a dull moment for you guys when you sit in an unmarked vehicle.”

Dave Walshaw joked: “Are the skid marks from the duds or the scooter?”

Stephen Vallely added: “Neatly sweeping the Cavemen off the streets.”

This is not the first time road users have attempted to creatively hide their number plate with bizarre items. 

In December of 2017 it was reported a driver was caught on camera covering up his plate with a sheet of newspaper before leaving a car park. 

Other road users were also spotted using “James Bond-style rotating number plate covers” to avoid getting fined in September of 2016.