Dashcam captures shocking moment reckless Golf driver nearly causes car crash


 THIS is the moment a speeding driver nearly causes a horrific car crash after racing down a suburban road in Birmingham.
Muneer Khan, 39, captured the rogue driver’s dangerous antics last week on Coleshill Road, in Hodge Hill.
The, self employed businessman’s dash cam footage shows the black Golf racing by at over 50mph and nearly colliding with another vehicle pulling out at a junction.

 The video shows the Volkswagen Golf suddenly appearing from Muneer’s right hand side.

The Golf driver races past Muneer, before pulling back into the left hand side of the road.

Further up the street another car can be seen pulling out of a side road after correctly judging Muneer’s speed without seeing the fast approaching Golf.

As the driver pulls out they notice the Golf driver at the last minute and slam on their breaks.

The careless driver swerves onto the right hand side of the road only missing the driver pulling out by inches.
Speaking today Muneer said: “I took a right from Southbourne Avenue. This 58 reg golf came at such speed, and it over took me dangerously.

The black vehicle comes out of nowhere - Traffic News UK
The black golf drives on the wrong side of the road before swerving to avoid another vehicle.                     (C) Muneer Khan

“The vehicle coming out of Ventnor Avenue judged my speed and pulled out accordingly but the black 58 Reg VW Golf almost took out that vehicle.” 
He added: “What the f*** someone could have died today.” 
The clip now has 160 likes with over 30 shares and 100 comments from social media users who were left shocked at the heart stopping video. 
Nathalie Heath said: “That flew past me too nearly took my wing mirror off.” 
Rob Nicholson wrote: “They need locking up.” 
Richard Moon commented: “Absolutely must be stolen or the driver is drunk or on something.” 
While Martin Brawn added: “There’s a death waiting to happen.”