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Business“Exceptionally rare” pink diamonds to be offered in world first public tender

“Exceptionally rare” pink diamonds to be offered in world first public tender

A celebrated private collection of exceptionally rare diamonds has recently been discovered in Brisbane, Australia.

The Eleven Pink Diamonds originally sourced from the Argyle diamond mine collected by Di Fitzpatrick, are expected to exceed previous records when they are offered for sale in Sydney at the world’s First Ever Public Tender of Pink Diamonds from 2ist June to July 1st.

The total of over 30 Tender stones including the eleven stones from the Fitzpatrick collection are estimated to fetch between A$12m to A$18m. 

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Photo by The Argyle mine produced 90% of the world’s pink diamonds for four decades until its recent closure.

A group of jewellery industry veterans will launch the Public Tender of the rare Australian pink diamonds on behalf of Di Fitzpatrick, a celebrated Brisbane collector, and an Adelaide-based finance company as mortgagee in possession. 

Diosma Fitzpatrick acquired 11 rare pink diamonds from West Australia’s Argyle diamond mine during its early days of production. 

The Argyle diamond mine was permanently closed last November, 2020 and the production of these pink diamonds has come to an end when their value has never been higher.    

Ms Fitzpatrick has been intrigued with pink diamonds ever since she was a child.                

In 1987, Arthur Simms, then manager of Jeweller, Hardy Bros in Brisbane, conducted a lecture about the Argyle pink diamond mine at Brisbane Boys’ Grammar where Ms Fitzpatrick’s sons attended school.

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Photo by At that time, Hardy Bros had been appointed an early agent by the Argyle mine.

The lecture was life-changing for Ms Fitzpatrick. She said: “From that moment on I became fascinated with these beautiful pink diamonds reminiscent of my childhood hero.

“I think she was called Princess Pearly, a character that lived at the bottom of the ocean always appearing with her pearl tiara with a central pink diamond.

“When I visited the World Expo in Brisbane in 1988, I went straight to the Argyle stand and fell in love with the stones they were offering for sale.

“I acquired a group of these diamonds, my first acquisition, through Hardy Bros.

“I remember being mesmerized by a very pink heart-shaped diamond that Argyle had pictured on the front cover of one of their glossy coffee table publications.

“That diamond with its beautiful pink hue became one of my favourites.

“I bought a few more stones in the years immediately following the Expo.” 

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Photo by Ms Fitzpatrick (above) used to wear all her pink diamonds as jewellery.

“The matching pair of 1.15 carat round brilliant cuts were my stud earrings. These were one of only two matching pairs I have ever seen. My darling heart-shaped pink diamond I wore in a ring,” she explains. 

When asked why she is selling the collection, Ms Fitzpatrick sighs, “I no longer have the lifestyle where I can wear this jewellery. I have loved collecting these gems over the years. It is time for others to experience the pleasure that I have had with these little treasures.”  

Public Tender Director, Tim Goodman said, “In my forty years in the jewellery auction business I have never seen a private collection like this anywhere in the world.

“There had been whispers about the collection over the years.

“When I received the call and subsequently first viewed the diamonds, I could not believe my eyes.

“Handling the sale of this collection will be a career highlight for me.

“There has never been such a large and valuable group of pink diamonds offered for public sale.”

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