Sign appears on Scots post box asking for people to stop shoving dirty nappies in it


A POSTBOX in Edinburgh has been pictured with a bizarre request believed to be from the Royal Mail asking for an individual to stop shoving dirty nappies inside it.

The warning sign is thought to have been added to the mailbox, located on Bonnington Road, Edinburgh within the past week.

A passerby noticed the message supposedly from the national postage service after they went to post a birthday card but were unable to fit the post into the box.

Post box nappy warning - Edinburgh News
The warning says the postbox will be removed unless the “individual” stops.

Pictures show a red sign taped to the top of the post box with bold white lettering saying: “Health and safety concern.

“We would appreciate if the individual who continues to place dirty nappies into this box will stop doing this otherwise the box will be sealed and put out of use.”

The warning label has the Royal Mail emblem on it and is believed to have come directly from the service.

The postbox is situated directly outside Parkside Primary School opposite Bonnington Bond offices.

Postbox restrictive plate - Edinburgh News
The postbox has been fitted with a restrictive plate to stop the vandals.

A local, who wishes to remain anonymous, said : “I tried to post a birthday card last night but couldn’t fit it in the tiny opening.

“Then I spotted the message taped on top. It’s just weird. I’ve never heard of this before.”

Royal Mail’s guidance on the removal and relocation of post boxes states: “From time to time, it may become necessary to remove or relocate a postbox.

“We don’t remove boxes due to under-utilisation. There are, however, various reasons why we might have to take a box out of service:

“A risk to the safety of our postmen and postwomen.

“The security of the mail in a particular postbox may be compromised.

“Building works mean it’s not possible to access a postbox.

“Re-routing of traffic, making it dangerous for us to collect from a postbox.

“A request to remove a postbox from private land by the landowner.

“Damage to a box due to a road traffic accident.

“When a box needs to be taken out of service, either temporarily sealed or permanently removed, a notice will be displayed to tell customers why and give details of the nearest 3 alternative posting facilities.”

Bonnington Road postbox - Edinburgh News
The postbox is located on Bonnington Road, Edinburgh.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail today said: “The health and safety of our colleagues and customers is our number one priority at Royal Mail.

“We were made aware of a number of unsanitary items being placed in the Bonnington Road postbox in Edinburgh.

“We have now fitted a restrictive plate on the postbox.

“This will make it is much more difficult for vandals to post unsavoury items which both damage the mail and create unsafe and unpleasant working conditions for the postmen and postwomen who empty it.

“The sign will be removed shortly.”