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Couple seek to find stranger who captured stunning images of their proposal in Edinburgh

A COUPLE have been left with stunning images of their engagement after a stranger managed to catch their special moment in Edinburgh

Ian McWilliam popped the question to Natasha Kappella on Calton Hill, Edinburgh on Sunday evening. 

The couple used to live in Broughton, Edinburgh but recently moved to Ealing, West London

Proposal Calton Hill - Edinburgh News
A stranger took stunning images of the proposal.                                                                               (C) Natasha Kappella

They were visiting the capital for a long weekend for Natasha’s 30th when Ian got down on one knee.

After she said yes, a woman further up the hill came down and said she had managed to capture the magnificent moment. 

She airdropped the images to Natasha, who can only identify her as “Australian Rachel”. 

One image shows Ian, also 30, down on one knee, and Natasha in shock at what had happened. 

Another picture shows Natasha joining Ian on her knees as she accepts whilst the last image shows the couple standing up and joyously embracing. 

The stunning pictures also capture the Pentlands, St Giles’ Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle as the perfect backdrop. 

Natasha is now looking to find “Australian Rachel” and thank her for her quick thinking and stunning photos. 

Natasha Kappella after accepting proposal - Edinburgh News
Natasha said yes and was delighted with the photos.                                                                          (C) Natasha Kappella

She posted the wonderful moment to Facebook on Tuesday, writing: “To the Australian Rachel who captured our engagement, then came over to say congratulations and airdrop a series of photos… Thank you! 

“That random act of kindness from a stranger has given us something to treasure and look back on for the rest of our lives.” 

The post now has over 3000 likes, with over 100 people congratulating the couple and praising Rachel. 

One user said: “Beautiful! Congratulations.” 

Another commented: “These are such good photos too – double lucky you are!” 

A Facebook user replied: “That’s a brilliant photo.  How fortuitous that she was there and realised what was happening, wonderful.

Another added: “Congratulations! Beautiful photo, well done to Rachel.” 

Speaking today, Natasha said: “Edinburgh means so much to both of us.

“We both went to the University of Edinburgh at the same time, but didn’t meet till after uni in 2015 at the Fringe Festival.

“He always said that he had a surprise planned and I genuinely thought it was going to be a surprise football viewing party with friends or something for my birthday! 

Natasha Kappella and Ian McWilliam - Edinburgh News
The couple met at the Fringe Festival in 2015.                                                                                   (C) Natasha Kappella

“When we started walking up Calton Hill I said ‘ you booked dinner at The Lookout!’ And he said ‘yep! But we’re a bit early so let’s go check out the view.’ 

“He then asked to take a photo of me, then asked me to turn around so he could get a photo of my back looking out to the city. 

“I could see a couple on the hill watching and felt embarrassed, thinking we would end up on some ‘boyfriends of Instagram’ feed.

“But then I obliged, and I asked if he’d finished and he said “yeah you can turn around”, and he was on one knee. 

“The couple I had seen came over afterwards to say congrats and the woman said she took lots of photos and airdropped a bunch to us, which was so kind!

“I’m hoping she might be local to Edinburgh and I could say thank you again. 

“Hopefully someone might know an Aussie Rachel that mentioned seeing a couple get engaged, and will point her to my thank you post!”

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