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8 tips that will help you when placing online sports bets

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Many beginning bettors get lost and end up making some mistakes see our tips to get along and profit from sports betting.

It is absolutely normal for novice gamblers to make mistakes when making basketball betting or on any other sport. The main point is learning from it and, with that, learning how to make online sports bets. Of course, experience plays a very important role at this time, but knowledge is essential.

If you like online gambling, but so far you haven't had much success in the endeavor and want to change your luck, pay close attention to the following tips. For sure, from now on, you’ll get your bets to be positive.

Just don’t forget that you are responsible for always setting the limit. You are the one who
should be in control and there is no doubt about that. But for that there are some tricks. After all, even though you’re an excellent driver, don’t you ever wear your seatbelt? Well then, it’s time to pay close attention.

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1. Avoid betting on what you don’t know

It may seem too obvious, but by doing this you are heading for failure. You need to
understand which sports you only like and which ones you really know everything about.
When you do it, you will know which one to bet on.

If you are passionate about football and tennis, for example, why bet on basketball or

2. If you lost a sports bet, that’s fine, relax.

You will not be the first or the last person to go through this situation. It’s hard to lose, it’s
hard to see that the player could have avoided that penalty that could have made you win!
But that’s okay, it can happen.

The important thing now is to relax, not get upset and not try to get your money back soon, because as a general rule, the player will go back to betting wrong!

3. Statistics are crucial

Everyone knows that there are many factors that determine the outcome of a game.
Something so obvious is not always taken as important when deciding on a bet. You should
ask yourself some questions, like:

1. Are there any injured players who won’t be able to play?
2. At game time, will there be sun, rain, wind?
3. Do the two have the same interests in that game?

For example, if a team must play twice in the same week, which of these two games is most important for that team to win? Analyze everything very carefully before placing your bet!

4. When betting, don’t get carried away

It is important to know that, as people, sometimes we are not in condition to think properly. Be it for a joy that a beer can bring or a problem that just appeared – as a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a problem at work.

If these examples are happening, avoid betting. Simply, enjoy the moment of the game and leave your bet for another moment, when you are calm and alert, with no worries. That way, you will guarantee that you are paying attention to what you are doing.

5. Determine how much you can spend on sports betting

This is for you to decide, as you are the only person who knows your balance! What may be
a lot of money for one person may be little for another and vice versa. Therefore, putting a
limit to control your pocket and avoid falling into excess is the most indicated.

6. Setting a winning limit to start withdrawing money is very important to be successful in sports betting

Therefore, set an amount from which you can start withdrawing some of the money from the account. Being able to bet with the winnings will give you peace of mind at that time. So, try to withdraw the amount you entered once you have a certain level of benefits. This way, you will always be betting with the winnings.

It’s good to take advantage of sports betting bonuses, like the 22bet bonus!

7. Don’t place bets on your favorite team

Remember the famous phrase of the philosopher Pascal: “The heart has reasons that
reason itself does not know.”

If you don’t understand that, we explain. When your team is playing, you just want it to win, even when the chances are low. Because of that, we usually don’t pay attention to the
probabilities when your favorite team is on the pitch.

8. Control your bets very well

To do this, create a document in a notebook or on your computer or smartphone, where you will write down all your bets, indicating the day, teams, players, the amount bet and the result. This way, you will be able to know which bets you have had the most success.

By following these tips you will have great success in this universe of online sports betting.
So, you can profit while having fun watching the games.


Although these betting tips won’t always guarantee a winning bet, it will certainly help you to increase the chances of being victorious and being able to profit with sports betting.

If you follow all of them, we are sure that you will be able to create a good strategy for
betting on your favorite sports and start making money from it. Just remember to always bet responsibly.

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