Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Eerie video captures “ghost ship Seaforth” creeping through heavy fog on Loch Broom

AN EERIE video has captured a Scots ferry gliding through mist as it departs on its journey. 

Julian Peukert, 46, captured the unique footage as the Loch Seaforth Calmac vessel departed from Ullapool on its voyage to Stornoway on Monday. 

The video shows the boat gliding through a cloud of mist where the water has become almost completely covered by a blanket of the light grey cloud. 


The eerie fog combined with blue skies and white clouds against the mountainous terrain creates a striking video to watch.

Only the very top of the ferry can be seen slowly crawling through the fog-covered Loch Broom with the two familiar red Calmac funnels barely visible. 

The clip makes for an atmospheric scene as the passengers depart on their eerie journey to the Outer Hebrides. 

Julian, who is originally from Ullapool but now lives in Edinburgh, shared the video to Facebook on Monday, writing: “The Ferry leaving Ullapool this morning for Stornoway.”

The post has now collected over 600 likes with dozens of shares and comments from users who loved the amazing footage. 

Heather Finlayson Low wrote: “Very eerie.”

Mary Ann Macleod said: “The ghost ship Seaforth! 

“It looks surreal! We were on it on Thursday morning from Sy and also blew the foghorn in Loch Broom.”

Karen Buckley commented: “Very atmospheric.”

Eddie O’Donnell added: “Excellent capture.”

Ferry in mist - Travel News Scotland
The ferry glided through the blanket of cloud.                                                                                        (C) Julian Peukert

Speaking today Julian said: “My partner and I were visiting my family who live in Ullapool for two weeks. 

“On Monday morning we were driving to Ardmair to feed my dad’s hens. 

“On the way back we came across the ferry, Loch Seaforth, making its way through a thick blanket of haar on Loch Broom. 

“We pulled over at Morefield on the edge of Ullapool and were in the right place at the right time to capture this footage on my mobile phone. 

“The birds were singing and the ferry sounded it’s fog horn which is a rare occurrence.” 

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