London workman harnessed up eight stories high spoiled by retiree with eclairs


HEARTWARMING images show the wholesome moment a London workman, harnessed up eight stories high, is spoiled by a retiree with eclairs.

Retiree Eryl Jones was happy to treat the workman to the tasty treat when he was installing fibre broadband on her tower block last month. 

Originally passing up on the offer of a hot cuppa, the worker gave in to the chocolate sweets as a reward from Eryl for his cheerfulness and bravery to complete the job. 

The workman eating the eclair | London News
After rejecting a cup of tea the workman happily accepted two chocolate eclairs. (C) Eryl Jones

The man, who works for Community Fibre, was said to be “delighted” and “thrilled” by the kind and generous offer whilst hanging high above the London streets below. 

One image shows the worker wearing a red hard hat, an orange high-vis and a harness that is attached to to a rope that he has been using to abseil. 

He can be seen tucking into his tasty treat whilst looking off over the distant London skyline. 

Another image shows the man holding onto the rope whilst leaning back and embracing in a large grin and is clearly happy with the generous gesture. 

Eryl shared the heartwarming photos to Facebook last month, writing: “He got an eclair for being so cheery and brave.”

The post has now collected over 1,900 likes with hundreds of comments from users who joked about the handsome workman.

Sara Thompson said: “Funny thing is, he’s not a window cleaner, this is how he gets fed.”

Christopher Bennell joked: “Don’t feed them. You’ll just encourage them. You’ll have five outside your window every morning before you know it.”

The workman who ate the eclair | London News
Eryl was more than happy to supply the “handsome” worker with some chocolate treats. (C) Eryl Jones

Mina Moon commented: “Oh completely inappropriate but … Diet Coke break?”

Richard Perkins replied: “I’d give him more than an eclair.” 

Speaking today, Eryl said: ”I was sat down doing my cross word and looked out the window to see a pair of feet. 

“If you’ve got workmen, you always offer them a cup of tea.I offered him a cup of tea but he said no but he was happy to take the eclair.

“He was a very cute and handsome young man, I think they’re just so brave. 

“He was delighted, just thrilled he was very pleased and very grateful. 

“He deserved it and earned it.”