Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Billion-pound grant awarded to help people find affordable homes

SCOTTISH council areas are to receive a billion-pound grant which aims to help others find houses they can afford.

The council areas spread across Scotland will share £3.2 billion in funding over five years to deliver more affordable homes.

Shona Robison, Housing Secretary said: “We have already delivered more than 102,000 affordable homes since 2007. Building on this, our aim is to deliver 100,000 affordable homes by 2032, with at least 70% of these for social rent.

destroyed house - Scottish News
Photo by Nolan Isaac on Unsplash. £3.2 billion in funding will be shared to help provide others with affordable homes.

“Meeting this ambition will require continued collaboration across the private and public sectors. I’m pleased to be increasing significantly the available affordable housing grant funding for council areas to help with this important work.”

Local authorities will benefit from an increase of more than £541 million on the previous five-year allocation which creates an uplift for them of more than 20%.

Gail Macgregor COSLA Resources spokesperson said: “We welcome the Scottish Government’s commitment to contributing to the cost of affordable housing in Scotland.

person opening empty wallet - Scottish News
Photo by Emil Kalibradov on Unsplash. The funding will add on an extra £541 million to the previous 5 year allocation

“The priority for councils, and housing associations, is ensuring rent affordability and warm, safe, comfortable homes for current and future tenants.

“As we look to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, councils are working side by side with their communities.  We maintain a focus on our shared ambitions around tackling child poverty and climate change, alongside building more houses.”

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