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Student juggles unexpected pregnancy and studying to achieve a first-class degree

A DUNDEE student expecting her first child managed to balance studies with pregnancy to earn herself a first-class degree.

Eshar Bola (22) was in her third year of Medical Sciences at the University of Dundee when she discovered she was pregnant with baby Archie.

At the time she was faced with a difficult ultimatum and eventually decided to defer her studies for a year to raise her baby during his early months.

Eshar and baby - Scottish News
Photo by the University of Dundee. Eshar went to career services and was advised by them to defer for a year.

Eshar said: “I found out that I was expecting in November 2019 and then it was scramble to figure out what to do, everyone was asking me what I was going to do so I knew I needed a plan.

“I got a job at a fast food restaurant to support myself but I had to quit almost straight away as the Covid-19 guidance was to shield entirely if you were pregnant.”

Despite all the odds stacked against her Eshar achieved a first-class degree and has gained a place on a graduate course at the University of Dundee to study medicine.

graduation ceremony - Scottish News
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash. Eshar will now graduate online before moving onto a graduate degree in medicine.

Her initial graduation plans were to go to China with her friends and teach English then apply for medicine the following year.

Now while studying on her graduate course she plans to launch a parent’s society at the University to support others with young children.

Miss Bola said: “After not being able to see my family throughout lockdown, my mum was finally able to come over and visit Archie from Qatar after restrictions were eased, which was a great relief.

newborn's feet - scottish news
Photo by Luma Pimentel on Unsplash. She attempted her UKCAT exam when Archie was only three weeks old and scored highly.

“The advice I’d give to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation is to get into a routine and stick to it and to make sure you have a lot of support around you.”

 Eshar will now graduate with her degree via an online ceremony on 16th July alongside over 3000 other students.

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