Five tier wedding cake leaves onlookers baffled after being found dumped on top of bin


A FIVE tier wedding cake has left Londoners baffled after it was spotted abandoned on top of a rubbish bin.

Michael Ellis stumbled across the stunning white cake yesterday which, for an unknown reason, had been dumped and barely even touched.

The 25-year-old, from Hanworth, South London, snapped a photo showing the beautifully crafted cake perched on top of a bin next to a bus stop. 

Wedding cake on top of bin | London News
The five tier wedding cake could be seen inexplicably perched on top of a bin.                                            (C) Michael Ellis

Intricately detailed white roses and other flowers can be seen spread across the celebratory cake.

White ribbons have also been fastened around each section of the near pristine cake – leaving Michael and other onlookers intrigued by the story behind its abandonment.

Michael shared the peculiar image to a London Facebook page yesterday, writing: “First post in this group, thought it was fitting…”

The post has now collected over 1,500 likes and hundreds of comments from social media users joking about the sighting.

Andrew Puddick said: “Someone’s shed a few tiers there.” 

Rob Simpson-Duff said: “So sad. Brings a tier to my eye…” 

Fred Edwards said: “Bottom layer looks rubbish.” 

Danny Harris replied: “I guess the wedding’s off then?” 

Social media users react to wedding cake on bin | London News
The white cake was decorated from top to bottom with white ribbons and intricately crafted flowers.

And Chris Jepson added: “Just bin married.” 

Speaking today Michael said: “I was walking with my girlfriend on the way to a local park for a picnic in the sun and about ten mins from my house stood this monstrosity you see in the photo.
“It’s absolutely stinking.
“People were just walking about ignoring this so I had to take a photo.
“My girlfriend actually pointed it out and I literally didn’t even notice it.
“I thought she was pointing at the film advert in the background.
“We wondered if it was a real cake so after the photo my girlfriend sort of pushed her thumb against it and it was in fact real cake. 
“Disgusting but quite a laugh though.”