Monday, July 4, 2022
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Quick-witted workies convert skip into makeshift pool to deal with heatwave

QUICK-WITTED workmen have converted one of their skips into a makeshift swimming pool to deal with the recent heatwave.

Sam Gribben treated his workers to a refreshing dip in one of their eight yard containers in Bury, Greater Manchester on Friday after temperatures soared.

The co-owner of Bury Skip Hire decided he had to take matters into his own hands after his team were working out in the blistering heat.

Skip swimming pool - Weather News UK
The workmen were more than keen to refresh themselves.                                                                       (C) Sam Gribben

After the 52-year-old pitched the idea to his workmen, they jumped at the chance to chill off and take a breather in the makeshift pool.

Hilarious images show five workers who have stripped down to nothing but a high visibility waistcoat on their top half. 

The workmen are submerged up to their chests as they all give a thumbs up in approval of the unexpected cold water dip.

Sam, from Bury, Greater Manchester, posted the images to Facebook on Friday, writing: “Keeping all the lads at Bury Skip Hire Cool during this mini heat wave. 

“Have a fantastic weekend folks and remember… Spread the love.”

The post has now collected over 400 likes and hundreds of shares from humoured followers.

Joanne Gregson said: “Who needs to rent a hot tub when you can rent a skip.”

Simon Nuttall said: “You should bottle that water and sell it Sam.”

Nicola Dimelow said: “Haha love this!

Sam Gribben - Weather News UK
Sam came up with the idea to help the workers cool off.

Andrea Walsh replied: “Glad to see they have kept their high vis on.”

And Lesley Harris added: “Brilliant idea.” 

Speaking today Sam said: “It was my idea and the lads were more than up for it. 

“A cool down and a refresh at the same time and also trying to put a smile on people’s faces during these testing times.

“A wee lady from Falkirk has just called the office and thanked us for putting a smile on her face and also asking if we could deliver that skip with all the water and all the boys in it too.”

This is not the first time that Bury skip Hire has drawn the eyes of the public for their innovative ideas. 

Back in 2017 the company went viral and gained millions of views after sharing a video where they used a makeshift skip to go water skiing. 

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