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Scots council urged to take action after father and son rapidly sucked into quicksand

A SCOTS council has been urged to take drastic action after a father and son were rapidly sucked waist deep into quicksand. 

The recently terrifying experience saw the pair submerged up to their waists in the potentially fatal sinking sand in Don Mouth in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.

Fortunately the dad and young son were rescued by an older son who was nearby and able to pull the pair from the unforgiving grips of the sand.

Legs covered in quicksand - Scottish News
The dad of the family was smothered in quicksand after the horrific ordeal.                  (C) Bridge of Don Community Council

Locals from Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, have claimed that the issue goes back as far as the 1970’s and have urged Aberdeen City Council to signpost the dangerous area.

One shocking image shows the dad standing on clean sturdy sand whilst his legs are entirely covered in thick black sludge.

Despite the father wearing shorts, almost none of his skin is visible with his shorts, shoes and socks all also lathered in the thick sand.

Bridge of Don Community Council shared the story yesterday writing: “This was posted yesterday by a Bridge of Don resident. Please be aware. 

“We will notify our councilors; however we have been advised that as this is a natural phenomenon where sand becomes waterlogged and unable to support anything.

“Where it happens can change with the tide, so could happen anywhere, so practically there is not really anything that can be done.

Don Mouth - Scottish News
The unknown Bridge of Don resident took a photo of where the incident happened.       (C) Bridge of Don Community Council

“We want to make sure people are aware of the potential risk.”

The parent said: “A warning guys…

“My family had a terrifying experience with quicksand at Don Mouth. 

“Our little one took a step and basically got sucked into it up to his waist, same with dad.

“Older son saved the day. 

“Photo of where it happened and dad’s legs. Be careful everyone.

“This was on the south side of River Don, between the bird hide and the sea.”

The post now has over 50 likes with almost 100 people commenting on the family’s horrendous ordeal, and many sharing similar experiences. 

Lindsay John Davidson said: “I remember that happening to my aunt in the 70s, very frightening, we were all pulling her out.” 

Angela Matthew replied: “This happened to a group of my friends when we were young back in the 70’s, we had to be rescued by a few men fishing at the mouth of the Don.”

River Don - Scottish News
The river is notorious with locals for quicksand.

Liza Watt commented: “This happened to my dog a couple of months ago, I had to go in to save him and was terrified. 

“Contacted the council and got fobbed off.” 

Glenda Collie added: “That must have been a terrifying experience… Signs need to go up warning people of the danger.” 

Councillor Ross Grant, who represents the Tillydrone, Seaton, Old Aberdeen ward, said: “Thanks for posting this – I’m so sorry to hear this happened. 

“I believe that officially this is my ward but I’d be happy to ask for enhanced signage to warn of the dangers because I think it’s probably right to say that there isn’t too much can be done but certainly people can be warned to be vigilant and tread with care.

“I will raise the issue with colleagues within the council and copy other relevant councillors in too.”

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