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UncategorizedExperience totally complete Jamaican adventure!

Experience totally complete Jamaican adventure!

Collaborative Post

Collaborative Post

Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean paradise. It invites us to experience a unique way of relating to nature and live an unforgettable time. Wherever we look, we’ll always discover a new adventure to immerse ourselves.

Prospect Plantation Yaaman Adventure Park is one of those jewels that the country has to offer. If it’s extreme activities and adventures we are looking for, this is the right choice. Swimming with dolphins, learning the secrets of the island, or even Shore excursions in Jamaica, are some of the most recommended activities. The best part? There are options for all likes and tastes.

But not only that! In this impressive and diverse area, these are not the only choices. No matter if there are children, seniors or teenagers, friends or couples, there is always something to suit them. We won’t need to worry about everyone liking what we are going to do, they’ll be able to choose what they want according to their interests. How about that?

Fulfill your dolphins swimming dreams!

Experiencing the magic of taking a swim with dolphins in Jamaica is now at your reach. Once in the water, falling in love with these animals is something unavoidable. Their intelligence has been the focus of many research for years. One of the most incredible things is how they seem to understand everything that happens around them, to the point of being able to transmit emotions.

No matter how many times we do the same excursion, each time will be a totally different experience from the other. In Jamaica, you’ll discover many different activities and experiences where you can interact with these incredible animals in many different ways.

If children’s want to partake in this awesome unique experience, there are many safe for children’s options to enjoy, where there will be not drowning risk at all. The dolphins will play with them with their careful swim. They may even give us some friendly kisses. This is where the adaptations’ ability of these animals becomes really evident.

If you dare experience more, you can enjoy a more thrilling swimming in the depths. You can also enjoy watching how they perform their tricks with their fellow trainers. One thing is for sure, you’ll be amazed at what an incredible relationship these creatures have established with their trainers. Over the years, they’ve become inseparable and the chemistry is instantly appreciated.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more adrenaline, you must look for a more extreme experience. These mammals can be very playful and they have a unique dexterity and strength. Surely you have seen some test where the dolphin pushes his trainer from his feet and pulls him to the surface moving him several meters as if he were flying like Superman.

Well, you’ll also be able to experience it. It’ll be something that’ll definitely take our breath away, and it’ll also be an experience you’ll surely want to relive too. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with it. Whenever someone try’s it, they definitely come back for more.

Unique and unforgettable experiences.

But, with its incredible beaches and its warm and transparent water, this is not all Jamaica has to offer. Its jungles and landscapes are something worth noting and exploring. And what better choice for this, than to take a tour in buggies. These vehicles will allow us to move through many difficult access areas. But beware, don’t expect to come out of the experience with clean clothes.

The cuisine is another one of the jewels this country has to offer. Each dish is a feast of condiments and flavors that you’ve never tasted before. Ginger and curry are the stars of the table, not to mention the Jamaican pepper, unique for its flavor and aroma. Visiting Jamaica without trying the local dishes is a crime.

Another option, if you are looking for a calmer trip without any surprises, taking a Jamaican cooking course with the locals may be a good option. Besides, it will give you the possibility of delighting your friends with your new knowledge once we return home.

You’ll always come back to Jamaica

The premise of the day is this: Whoever visits Jamaica, never really leaves. A little piece of their heart remains in this land. This country enchants and makes everyone who visits it, always, always dream of returning. You can’t say that you are not warned.

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