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Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS


In the 80’s we were all excited about the movie “Back to the Future”. Alongside witty humor, there were strange kinds of flying vehicles. At the time it was considered science fiction. Today, almost every child has his own private drone. At the parks you can regularly hear the buzz of the little planes.

But make no mistake. The fully equipped large drone field is not a child’s toy! Huge companies are developing drones for various uses that will make our lives easier in the near future. Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS’s investment is a part of the successful line of ventures and innovations in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

First step – investing

Investment in 9.99% of the shares of a company AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc, bought by Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS first step into the field. AgEagle is creating drones for commercial use as well as technical development that can edit and analyze the images and data that was captured by its drones. The investment will allow the developers to empower commercial drones to be used for delivery services of goods.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

 Regulation is needed.

It is not a simple matter to develop drones from a small airborne vehicle with advanced photography capabilities, to a transportation vehicle.

Many cities are fearing the consequences of turning the drones into an “air freight company. The partnership of AgEagle and Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS already have a drone able to make deliveries.

But can airspace contain thousands of drones under control? If every store, restaurant, or courier company launches its drones? How will they avoid collisions, and is any drone allowed to land in your yard?

This fascinating industry will have to be regulated by the various authorities to obtain civil order. In any case, companies like Alpha Capital Anstalt are very excited about the projects underway and are following it with interest. An experiment in advanced stages is taking place in Hedera and Netanya, Israel and soon also in Tel Aviv. Alpha Capital Anstalt is once again at the forefront of technology that works for the future.