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Nostalgic Sir Chris Hoy rips 2008 Team GB shorts down rear while doing squats

SCOTS Olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy has revealed that he burst out of his old 2008 Team GB shorts while doing squats at the gym.

The six time Olympic gold medalist had been feeling nostalgic during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics so decided to slip back into his 2008 Beijing shorts yesterday.

However, disaster struck when the 45-year-old bent down to complete a 200kg squat and ended up ripping the 13-year-old shorts right up the backside.

Chris Hoy's ripped Olympic shorts | Scottish News
Unfortunately Hoy ripped his shorts across the rear whilst squatting an impressive 200kg. (C) Chris Hoy Twitter

Hoy shared an image showing the almighty rip which stretches from near the bottom of the shorts all the way towards the waist band. 

Another image shows the front of the blue Adidas sports shorts which have the familiar team GB Olympic logo in the bottom right hand corner. 

The 11 time world champion track cyclist posted about the embarrassing incident on Twitter last night, writing: “Feeling nostalgic watching all the amazing Tokyo performances today, so I decided to wear my Beijing2008 @TeamGB shorts to the gym. 

“Heavy squats with 13 year old non-stretch fabric was always going to end in tears (pronunciation works either way..).”

The post has now collected over 2,500 likes with dozens of comments and retweets from users who were left in stitches.

@Greghenderson1 said: “Who ate all the pies? I would never attempt to wear anything I owned from 2008.

Chris Hoy's 2008 Beijing Olympic shorts | Scottish News
Hoy wore the shorts to a gym session after he got nostalgic from watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.   (C) Chris Hoy Twitter

“So…did you just keep on training? Or a shortened gym session?”

Hoy replied: “Finished the session of course! The tricky part was standing up with 200kg on my back to finish the rep after it split, whilst laughing uncontrollably.” 

@jamescracknell wrote: “Luckily you ain’t short of kit!”

@martinTTperry said: “As a fellow Scot I know you’ve heard the saying ‘don’t rip the a**e oot it!’ But it seems too little too late.”

And @fiona_skywalker said: “Rrrrrrrrrrip, It’s happened to the best of us. 13 years ain’t bad!” 

The well decorated MBE retired in 2013 and later took up a career in Motorsports. 

In December 2016 and December 2017, the father-of-two supported the Scottish Social Enterprise Social Bite by sleeping out at their Sleep in the Park events to end homelessness in Scotland.

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