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A Complete Dining Table Guide


In a new house, there are multiple things that you need to take care of. Right from the color for the walls to the furniture. A dining table is a very important piece of furniture in every house. It mostly adds to the living room decor.


Now, what it would be like or what you should be choosing depends on a lot of things. There are multiple types of dining tables, and you must choose one according to how it fits in your living room space. Here is a guide to help you choose a dining table for your new house.

Sturdy material

The first thing to consider before buying a dining table is the material. Make sure that it is a sturdy material. Wood is the most preferable one. But, there are various kinds of wood as well.

Prioritize the quality – If you want a dining table that lasts long, make sure to invest your time in looking for the perfect material. Maple or teak are great options for a dining table placed in a larger space. The best part is that you can pass these on to the next generation as well. They are sturdy, with a beautiful traditional charm. Rest assured, these will never go out of style.


Style – A classic oak wood dining table will only add to the charm and decor of your living room. Extendable dining tables are also a very good choice for you in case you have smaller living room space. This way, your living room won’t look cramped or crowded. You can fold these tables according to your convenience, and hence, make room.

Glass tables

Wooden dining tables might be classic, but if you want to add a touch of contemporary in your living room, glass tables are perfect. In case your house gives off a very classy yet urban charm, glass tables are the ones for you.


  • They are easy on the eyes and add an edgy touch to your house.
  • They can be great for brightening up any space.
  • So, if your living room is relatively smaller, glass tables will make sure that the space looks and feels airy as the light passes through.
  • Despite all this, you have to be careful about the type of glass you use. Tempered glass is the best option for a glass dining table.

Otherwise, there will always be chances of the regular glass not being able to handle heat or scratches. Tempered glass tables fit the durability criteria as well, making it a good choice.

Marble tables

The idea of marble furniture sounds great, and you must give it a shot for your new house. If your house is considerably spacious, you can opt for good marble dining tables. This is because they usually take up some space.


  1. They are bigger in structure than regular wooden tables.
  2. If you tend to shift your furniture around a lot, steer clear of marble tables as they are quite heavy to move around.
  3. Once you are certain about placing your dining table in a room, only then should you choose to buy a marble one.


Another thing to keep in mind is that marbles tables need a little extra care while cleaning. You have to clean them regularly, and preferably use good tablecloths and placemats to cover them. This way, their color, and shine won’t fade away easily.


Plywood is an amazing material in case you are looking for modular options.  They are perfect for smaller apartments that do not have a lot of space to spare. Not only are they cost-effective, but they are also sturdy in nature.