Horrific images show hedgehog ravished by 44 grams worth of blood sucking ticks


HORRIFIC images show a hedgehog that was discovered being ravished by 44 grams worth of blood sucking ticks. 

Vulnerable hog Bert was handed over to Mark Allison of Preston Hedgehog Rescue in Preston, Lancashire by a concerned local on Sunday. 

Mark believes that the unfortunate critter may have slept in a tick nest at some point to explain the large amount of ticks.

Bert the hedgehog infested by ticks | Wildlife News UK|
Mark believed the vulnerable critter must have crawled through a ticks nest.                                              (C) Mark Allison

The 48-year-old suggested that the ticks may have begun to breed whilst on Bert.

Two types of ticks were found to be feasting on Bert’s flesh, including Ixodes hexagonus aka the “hedgehog tick” and Ixodes canisuga also known as “dog or fox ticks”.

Bert the hog weighed in at 196g before volunteers at the centre individually removed them from its prickly body.

Once all the ticks were removed the poorly hog came in at 152g.

Shocking images show the skin crawling insects latching onto the poor hog in between his protective spikes. 

The ticks have swollen up to a revoltingly large size after feasting on the devoured hog for a lengthy period of time. 

One image shows the collection of enormous beasties which have been stored in a plastic container. 

Mark shared the distressing images to Facebook on Sunday night, writing:“Anyone for some ticks.

“We thought the last case was mad but get this one. Hog weighed 196g with the ticks and then 152g when the ticks were removed.

“That’s 44g in ticks.That’s insane!

“I bet it was relieved when they were all gone.

“Tick season is still in full swing and although we make it look easy removing ticks please do not try it unless trained to by a vet or a rescue. 

Bucket filled with 44 grams of ticks | Wildlife News UK
After weighing Bert before and after removing the ticks, Mark discovered there were 44g worth of ticks on the poor hog. (C) Mark Allison

“I will gladly show people how to do it so this can be done safely and without danger to the hedgehog.

“Ticks were harmed in the making of this post…. Sorry.”

The post has now collected over 100 likes with dozens of comments from users who felt bad for the hog and were thankful of Mark’s efforts to help. 

Angela Frances said: “Poor hog. You folks are incredible.

“When so much seems to be going wrong in the world, I come across this and think how amazing that people like you are quietly, painstakingly doing the grossest things to reduce suffering!”

Karinav Molloy said: “Aww poor thing, luckily there’s people like you guys that do your best for them. He’ll be as happy as Larry soon.”

Sue Cross said: “Omg that poor little soul, it must have taken you ages, well done. Bet he feels better now.”

And Tracey Van-Linden added: “Horrid things. I hope the wee one is now feeling better and thank you for all you do.” 

Ticks are a common health concern for hedgehogs and should only be attended to by veterinary professionals or those with relevant training.

In 2018, one hog discovered in Binbrook, Lincolnshire was found with over 3,000 ticks sucking on its body.