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How do UK based companies adapt digital tools to stay competitive?


Digital marketing tools is a technology term that is too familiar on the internet today. Do you know what other benefits automation marketing tools can bring us?

In this article, we will talk about an overview of the chatbot, live chat and pop ups concept in the UK and the current applications that this technology brings. At Deadline News, we believe that automated marketing solutions are an indispensable application for sales today. 

Building a simple, easy to use, accessible and effective website sales chatbot is the best and most innovative way you can reach your customers today. Together with live chat and smart widgets you can expand your business to the next level. Let Deadline News guide you through the best automation tips in this article!


With the emergence of digital marketing automation tools, many changes in advertisement have taken place. And one of them is the advent of chatbots, which increase convenience by achieving more in less time. Undoubtedly, chatbots have proven themselves to be a necessary tool in this day and age.


Also, live chat is one of the prominent tools in recent times. It has proven to have a huge impact on website conversion rates, excellent marketing support and customer care. Live chat can be explained as an upgrade of text messaging, a tool that allows real-time, online chat. It helps you exchange help, advice, and customer support immediately by direct messages.


Last but not least, smart widget’s pop up is a fairly common type of advertisement on most websites today. They are often used to display promotional information to users.


Evidently, these widgets are exactly what a business should be, providing a helping hand to their customers by automating basic tasks. And with an advanced and free chatbot solution a perfect digital marketing strategy will be built. For example, Very Assistant from, delivers quick tasks like shipping information, seasonal and personal discounts or return and refund details.


Why should you adapt digital marketing tools into your strategies to stay competitive?

Automate marketing tools are gaining popularity day by day and as businesses have started to implement advanced technology, of course we will not accept to sit still. But the question is how will chatbots, live chat and pop ups drive digital marketing strategies?


Understanding the needs of customers and address them quick (chatbot)

Most used chatbot is via Facebook Messenger for marketing and customer care purposes. Working 24/7, saving costs for facilities and labor. Create a chatbot with specific scenarios to answer frequently asked questions related to your product or service.



  • Evaluate and optimize website sales chatbot;
  • Figure out what data you want to collect;
  • Set up a unique name and profile picture to make customers feel more trustworthy.


Increase engagement and conversion rates (live chat)

When a potential customer first visits the website, there will be a lot of information that the customer wants to know. The top most websites may display a lot of information but each customer is looking for information that interests them differently. 


Through the live chat application, you will help support customers in this matter with the form of online consultation that gives customers the most useful information for each customer, helping them not to have to look for information anywhere.



  • Make the chat button visible;
  • Communicate as if you are actually speaking face to face with the customer;
  • Set time for a response;
  • Personalize responses for regular users.


Perfect user experience measures the success of a business (pop up)

New research shows that over 71% of consumers in the UK prefer personalized ads. After all, everyone likes to be cared for. This means that when a business has the ability to deliver a customized experience that can put its sales in the right direction.


Pop ups usually appear in a small window that automatically displays on the screen and often has the content of an advertisement, an announcement, a promotion. From there, the user experience will be more personalized, true to the saying “right person at the right time”.



  • When possible use animated images;
  • Design short and concise ads;
  • Constantly offer “free of products or services” for businesses to have a database for research and direct marketing.


Final thought 

So we have gone through all the information you need to know about digital marketing tools to stay competitive? Automation for businesses it’s important and useful, so you should use it for your website. However, depending on your needs and capabilities, you should choose which type of marketing tool is appropriate. 


The above-mentioned tools are capable of supporting consulting, taking care of and answering customer questions automatically and quickly, saving time and effort of the consulting staff. Hope you find this information useful and apply it to yourself intelligently.