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Motorola Solutions acquires cloud-based access control provider Openpath


On July 15, 2021, Motorola Solutions announced their acquisition of Openpath, a leading cloud-based mobile access control company. This transaction is another sign of the fast-growing physical security industry, which has seen exponential interest and growth in recent years. The advent of IoT and cloud-based systems has led many organizations to reconsider their legacy on-premise systems in favor of more modern and hybrid security solutions. 

By acquiring the team at Openpath, Chicago-based Motorola Solutions is poised to take advantage of the growing interest in cloud-based physical security technology for commercial properties. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to Openpath President and Co-Founder James Segil, leveraging Motorola’s large sales team and supply chain capabilities will help grow the platform and spur more innovation for best-in-class solutions. The combined efforts of Openpath and Motorola Solutions opens the door for frictionless access and security at any scale, backed by 24/7 visibility and unparalleled control.

“This acquisition enables us to combine the power of video security and access control together, providing unprecedented situational awareness, where every physical entry and exit is authenticated and recorded with access control and video,” said Motorola Solutions chairman and CEO Greg Brown. 

While businesses were previously slow to adopt more agile systems before the pandemic, COVID-19 spurred a need for more dynamic, accessible security solutions around the globe. Motorola Solutions took note of Openpath’s ability to innovate quickly to respond to shifting needs in the industry with the rollout of touchless mobile entry. In addition, Openpath’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model proved invaluable for many businesses in the face of increased volatility and unpredictability, creating better ROI on security infrastructure technology

Openpath is a leading provider of physical access control solutions, with open cloud-based architecture and touchless mobile credentials. Backed by patented Triple Unlock technology and multi-factor authentication, Openpath helps businesses secure their facilities without sacrificing convenience or reliability. The unique Wave to Unlock feature, which was rolled out almost overnight in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, lets users unlock the door without touching a common reader, or even needing to take their phone out of their pocket. 

In addition to touchless entry, Openpath’s system gives businesses the option to go completely mobile with their access control, or use a combination of access methods. Built on open standards, the cloud-based architecture is backwards compatible with many popular legacy access control systems, and also supports encrypted key cards and fobs on the same system. Credential flexibility is key for enterprise customers, who may require different access methods across their different sites and locations. 

Cloud-based management software is becoming more popular for commercial security systems. It’s great for centralizing operations across location and sites, thanks to remote access. When it comes to improving physical security, the flexibility and interoperability of cloud-based systems allows for greater customization and better control, even across multi-site organizations. From issuing and revoking credentials, to monitoring access, to visual verification, access to the most important data and controls – from anywhere – keeps organizations safer and more secure.

Openpath recently announced the launch of their Pro Series Video Readers. Combining the security of their standard Smart Readers with a high-definition camera built right into the reader, the Video Reader Pro is one of the most powerful edge devices on the market. These new readers supplement a more traditional video surveillance system by giving business visual verification of every access event right where they happen – at the door. 

This new product line from Openpath supplements Motorola Solutions’ previous acquisition of Avigilon, a video surveillance and on-premise access control solution, and Pelco, a video security provider. Adding Openpath expands the product offering, and opens the door for more integrated solutions and platforms for video surveillance and physical security in the near future.  As Motorola Solutions continues to lead the industry with best-in-class solutions, the combination of access control and video security has the power to bring unprecedented security, visibility, and control to businesses around the world.