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What Should You Consider While Purchasing Industrial Degreasers

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Degreasers are excellent cleaning agents that cut via grime, grease, dirt, and oil particles. They are industrial cleaning products and are used to clean appliances, equipment, metal surfaces, and floors. Essentially, cleaning is a crucial part of industrial maintenance practices. And almost every other industrial equipment forms layers of grease and grime that’s hard to remove using ordinary detergents and soaps. To eliminate stubborn dirt, you’ll need quality industrial degreasers.

What Exactly are Industrial Degreasers?

In a nutshell, industrial degreasers are cleaning products prevalent in various industrial and commercial settings. These cleaning products are either alkaline or acidic and help eliminate grease from different surfaces that could be hard to clean. You should check this out to learn more about industrial degreasers’ products.

But some of the major benefits of these chemicals include the following;

  •         They are great for deep cleaning
  •         They are easy to apply on different surfaces (you use spray guns)
  •         Help save time; removes stubborn stains in seconds
  •         Offer an exceptional cleaning experience; industrial degreasers offer cleaners a unique cleaning experience leading to flawless cleaning results.

Let’s look at factors worth paying attention to while shopping for industrial degreasers;

How to Select the Right Degreaser                                            

As earlier pointed out, a degreaser chemical eliminates stubborn oil and soil particles without much scrubbing and wiping. If you select the wrong degreaser, it can react harshly with the surface and cause it to spoil. Furthermore, the wrong degreaser may leave residues that trigger dirt build-up, causing a recently cleaned surface to look dirtier.

As a result, it’s critical that you select the right degreaser. Your choice should be based on your cleaning needs. With the right cleaning agent, you’ll save money and time. Below, we’ve highlighted what factors to consider while buying degreaser for your commercial or industrial applications. They include;

Cleaning power

Once you get to the market, you should look for a degreaser to fulfill your cleaning needs. Get to know the cleaning strength your surfaces need. Degreasers available in the market have varying strengths. For instance, if you intend to clean the floors or walls, go for heavy-duty degreasers because they have superb cleaning strength.


Unfortunately, degreasers are highly flammable because they contain hydrocarbons and alcohol. Although they are superb cleaning products, they can be deadly, especially if you apply them in a poorly ventilated room. That’s why you should always check the degreaser’s flashpoint before you pay for it.

Flashpoint refers to the lowest temperature under which liquid releases ample vapor to form flammable gas.

Rubber/ plastic compatibility

Cleaning plastic surfaces call for a lot of care. These are surfaces such as floor mats, vehicle dashboards, or different tools. A degreaser that doesn’t complement plastic can destroy it and cause it to crack. This is why you should not hesitate testing degreaser agents before you use them on plastic surfaces. Compatibility is a crucial factor.


Depending on the kind of degreaser you choose, it could affect your facility, business, environment, and even employees. So, when buying a degreaser, ensure it’s environmentally friendly and devoid of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).  The latter is known to cause serious effects such as stomach sickness, distress, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. Moreover, continued exposure to HAPs can cause cancer, nerve damage, and infertility.


By buying a biodegradable degreaser, you’ll be conserving the environment, not to mention that you will save yourself the cost for chemical waste disposal.

Water vs. Solvent-based degreasers

Degreasers come into two forms which include water or solvent-based degreasers. With the water degreasers, the water is the base. If you plan to eliminate pollutants such as grease, grime, and dirt from various industrial surfaces like vehicles, floors, and equipment, select top-quality water-based degreasers. But If you want to remove contaminants like tar, oil, and glue, go for solvent-based degreasers.


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