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World’s first beer to protect giraffes will be served in pub set to open in 2050

A PUB is set to open in 2050 by a glasgow based brewery to raise awareness about the potential extinction of giraffes.

The world’s first and only beer to protect giraffes from extinction has been created by Glasgow’s Drygate Brewing Co. 

Gingeraffe Beer
image by Tim Malseed, fiery new alcoholic beer made by Drygate Brewing Company

Experts warn that by the turn of the half century giraffes may be extinct with the beer producers announcing ‘Giraffe Park.’

Its opening will showcase old relics, hunting trophies and giraffe relics to highlight just how little time these majestic creatures have left.

Guests are set to enjoy drinks from giraffe skulls and will be on their precious hides.

With only 117,000 gentle giants left in the world, Drygate are hoping to tackle this issue through their latest creation of Gingeraffe – an alcoholic ginger beer.

Bizarrely though, creators of the bar are asking its customers to attend this new venue and in fact help keep it closed instead.

This is due to the fact that the pub will be ready to open in 2050 – the year that conservationists predict the extinction of giraffes.

In less than 30 years these images and relics will be the only thing known of these endangered creatures therefore, urging people to never allow the ‘Giraffe Park’ to open and continue efforts in preventing giraffe extinction.

Giraffe Park
Image by Tim Malseed, the launch of Giraffic Park hopes to challenge that by raising awareness and promoting action.

Celebrities who have campaigned for the protection of giraffes include Ricky Gervais, Lorraine Kelly and Chris Packham, are being sent invitations to the opening of Giraffic Park.

African Elephants now outnumber the amount of giraffes in the wild, with them already being extinct in at least 7 African countries and continue to face the threats of illegal hunting and climate change.

Drygate wants their vision to be proved wrong, with hope that their bold movement will entice conversation and prevent further fatality amongst the giraffe population.

Emily Gray, Gingeraffe Brand Manager said: “We have giraffe conservation at our very core – we became a committed partner of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation before we’d even brewed our amazing fiery ginger beer – but we were determined to make sure the issue got noticed. Which is why we decided to launch a pub that no-one wants to actually go to, ever.”

Real drinks can be ordered from the imaginary bar, with profits being donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in Namibia which will help support their efforts in changing the future of giraffes.

Stephanie Fennessy, Director at the Giraffe Conservation Foundation stated: Our team works with partners around the world through conservation programmes and educational initiatives – the thought of Giraffic Park opening at any point in the future is soul-destroying. But we need help to make sure it doesn’t become a reality.”

2000 first-edition Gingeraffe cans will be released for the exclusive pre-order – the same amount of drinks available as Kordofan giraffes said to be left in the wild. Orders can be made from today at with 100% of proceeds from the pre-sale donated to the GCF, whilst giving people the option to symbolically adopt a giraffe of their own.

Gingeraffe will be popping up in pubs across London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow throughout the summer.

To help prevent the silent extinction of giraffes visit




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