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Hilarious video captures moment Scots puppy gets tangled up in a duvet

THIS is the moment where a puppy is caught on camera by its owners struggling to escape a duvet.
Claire Morris, from East Lothian filmed her Springer Spaniel Willo having fun in the quilt yesterday when she became wrapped up beyond escape. 
The adorable seven month old dog was still able to move, but could not see and was captured hilariously darting around on the bed as her owners watched on.


Claire, 43, posted the video of the helpless pup on Facebook yesterday with the caption: “So Willo is now seven-ish months old now and what a journey it’s been. 
“Once she was eight weeks old we were bringing her through to our room at night, she is obsessed with the quilt and will open the cover and climb in then play (blind) with her dad! 
“So this morning she climbs in and literally ties herself into a bag”. 
The video shows Willo’s tail, which is sticking out of the duvet, wagging ferociously as she shoots across the mattress.

Willo’s collar can be heard rustling as she frantically pushes her paws against the covers encasing her.

After making attempts to find a new angle out of the duvet Willo lets out a bark out of frustration.

Willo stoof up in duvet- Animal News Scotland
Willo was wagging his tail whilst trying to escape.                                                                                     (C) Claire Morris

Claire’s partner Steven Morris can be heard playfully saying: “What’s that? Are you stuck?” as Willow tries again to escape the cover that is cocooning her.

The paramedic believes her obsession with the covers stems from a blanket she was wrapped in after feeding when she was younger. 
The video now has over 50 likes, with several people commenting on Willo’s adorable daftness. 
One user said: “Aw so funny, and brought back memories, l had a Springer that did that”. 
Another commented: “So funny, mental dogs”

Willo Springer Spaniel - Animal News Scotland
Willo is around seven months old and loves his owners’ duvet.                                                                   (C) Claire Morris

Another replied: “I can’t stop laughing”. 
Another added: “This is hilarious, only a Spaniel”. 
Speaking today, Claire said: “When she was a tiny puppy we used to cover her with a fleece blanket once we had fed her to keep her warm.
“If you leave our bedroom door open she heads there, opens the bottom of the quilt and heads inside. 
“She usually play fights with her dad who is not in the quilt. I think she thinks it’s her personal playground. 
“The first time she did it I couldn’t find her, then I was worried she would hurt herself, but now I know where to look if I can’t find her.
“You tend to hear her when she’s there rather than see her!”

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