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Step-by-Step Guide to Host a Successful Instagram Giveaway

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Whether you want to host an Instagram Giveaway to boost your following or want to give back to your followers, knowing all the ins and outs of it are a must to ensure that it’s both legal and successful. Only with the right strategy, you can reach hundreds of new potential followers. So to help make sure you put on the Instagram giveaway that your audience will be thrilled to enter, know all the essential steps!  Ready to get started? The article has everything to plan a result-oriented Instagram giveaway.

Why Host An Instagram Giveaway?

As Instagram progresses, giveaways are also curgeoning and are considered a powerful tactic for growing followers while establishing a cohesive community around the brand. On the flipside, accounts that buy Instagram followers hold the potential to reach hundreds if not thousands of potential followers. In addition, a recent study demonstrates Instagram giveaways assist you in growing followers 70% faster than if you did not consider hosting a contest. However, looking at the opposite aspects, businesses and brands also see a drop-off when the contest or Giveaway is closed -meaning, in the end, you can only stick around people interested in your product or services.

Step by Step Guide To Host a Giveaway

Instagram giveaway may sound simple, but there is a massive difference but a good giveaway and the awesome one that brings a flux of new visitors to your profile. So, It is critical to know the essential steps for a result-driven giveaway before rushing towards running a contest.

#1: Identify your marketing goals

Before running a giveaway or contest, you should know your marketing goals. Your goals can be anything from growing community and boosting engagement to giving back to your audience and raising awareness of any social issue. An Instagram giveaway can’t be successful unless it is intentional and well thought of. Thus, before starting off, having a crystal-clear vision is a must.

#2: Decide what you’ll be giving away

A prize should be compelling to elicit people’s excitement and compel them to enter the game. Moreover, the reward should be something that can fit your audience’s needs. For example, if you have a beauty blog, be sure that the prize is related to cosmetics and beauty products.  Simply put, prize items should always be relevant and enticing to the existing and potential audience. You can also collaborate with the brand your audience loves.

#3: Set the entry criteria

Once you have identified the marketing goals and prize, the next most crucial step is setting the entry criteria for the Giveaway.

You can set the criteria based upon step #1. For example, if you want to enhance the followers, you will ensure that following the account is part of the requirement and that each entrant must tag 3, 4 friends to be eligible.

The ideal criteria for the attainment of the campaign’s objective

The campaign’s criteria should be simple to cut through the cutter and entail every detail to grab the attention. In general, most campaigns aim to spike follower count that is also attainable if you consider buying followers from the vendor who is unimpeachable in his dealing and determined to supply quality services.

Be sure to cover the admin details, such as:

  • The estimated duration the contest will run for?
  • Is there any age limit? Specify the contest is only for 18 or plus.
  • The name of countries the contest will be open to?
  • Add Instagram’s terms and conditions regarding promotion on the app.

#4: Decide on how you’ll pick a winner

The structure and style of the contest play a key role in organizing the entries and picking the winner. Traditional giveaways that include following, liking, tagging sharing are comparatively easier to track. Add every Instagram handle that completes the steps to Google Spreadsheet. Then export the list to a randomizer to pick a winner! In contrast, if the contest’s goal is to encourage photo or video submission, then select a panel of judges to decide who should be the winner.







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