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How To Put Your Employees First During The Redundancy Process


The restructuring of a business is a difficult period for everyone involved. Whether you’re delivering bad news to your employees, or you’re directly impacted with redundancy, the announcement and consultation process must be handled professionally and legally at every turn. And while it’s important to seek legal counsel as an employee and as a business owner at this time – you’ll find more information on redundancy solicitors for employees here – it’s also just as important not to neglect the human side of redundancy.

Supporting staff during the restructuring of your business is humane and highlights your integrity as a business. It also ensures that no information or issues are overlooked, something which could come back to haunt you in terms of employment tribunals and conflict over redundancy pay. And, as millions of employees are set to lose their jobs due to the economic slump caused by Coronavirus, it’s never been more important to put your employees first and cover all the legal bases in the process.

In this post, we’ll explore how to prioritise your employees during the redundancy process. Read on to find out more.

Always Be Honest and Transparent

This kind of news is always best delivered straight and to the point. However, employers must recognise the human side of redundancy and get the balance right. While it’s important to be upfront about the situation, your employees will also appreciate complete transparency about how you concluded to make structural changes. Discuss how you fought to make changes to avoid redundancies, how you searched for other options and how this isn’t a decision you’re taking lightly. Of course, this is all true – but your employees don’t know this. Being transparent from the beginning avoids an Us vs Them scenario.

Create and Follow A Fair Selection Process

Developing selection criteria for redundancy isn’t easy, however, it is an essential part of the consultation period. And it’s not always difficult to implement – this is where a legal expert in redundancy can help. Ensure that your selection criteria is developed in a non-discriminatory way and is consistent throughout the process. Getting this wrong can lead to multiple liability cases against our business, so ensure your selection process is fair and consistent.

Support Their Search For New Roles

The idea of finding a new job in the wake of redundancy is terrifying, especially for those with young children and other financial responsibilities. So, why not support their search for new roles? This can be done in multiple ways, from passing on information about other businesses who may be hiring, to exploring their transferrable skills and how they could be applied to a new career during 121 discussions. You may also provide outplacement services to help them.

Final Thoughts…

Handling the redundancy process as an employer is incredibly stressful for everyone involved, therefore you must understand and respect the upheaval your employees are going through. By offering as much support as possible and curating a fair and legal selection process, you’ll be able to make the situation easier for everyone.