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Incredible video captures moment curious dolphins race against Skye boat

A STUNNING video has captured the moment a pod of dolphins swim just inches in front of a Scots fishing boat on the Isle of Skye.
Sofia Bowes, who recently moved to The Isle of Skye from Yorkshire, filmed the dolphins in Broadford Bay, on Sunday as they raced against her dad’s vessel.

The clip shows at least six dolphins swimming at the front edge of the boat, slaloming through the water. 


Sofia, a English and Environment student, posted the videos on Facebook on Sunday  with the caption: “Dolphins in Broadford Bay today!”
The video shows the pod staying tight together as they lead the boat through the calm aqua blue waters.

Flashes of white and grey can be seen under the hues of blue of the ocean as the dolphins dart around.

A man can be heard saying: ” Right, everyone be quiet” as the dolphins continue to lead the boat.

The dolphins are seen later in the video jumping out of the water in tandem, with blue skies over the island in the background. 
The post now has over 330 likes, with dozens of people commenting on the impressive footage. 

One user said: “Oh wow. Just wow!” 
Another commented: “Awesome videos! Thanks for sharing.” 

Dolphins under boat Skye - Wildlife News Scotland
The dolphins were just inches in front of the boat.                                                                                     (C) Sofia Bowes

 A Facebook user replied: “Now that’s cool”. 
Another added: “Absolutely awesome”. 
Speaking today, Sofia said: “Skye is beautiful! It completely exceeded my expectations. 
“Although it is far from my uni it’s definitely worth the long journey home to see my family and the amazing wildlife and scenery!
“My dad is a fisherman on Skye, he took us out on his boat for a little trip around Broadford Bay – we were lucky to see dolphins, seals and porpoises!
“It was my first time seeing them in the wild, in their natural habitat, and it was absolutely breathtaking – I almost cried with happiness! 
“They were extremely playful, I could have watched them all day!”

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