Cheeky employee caught out using stock image of positive Covid-19 test to get out of work


A cheeky employee has been caught out by his boss after using a Google image of a positive Covid-19 test to get out of work. 

The employee was due to work at Paradiso, a party event at Tup Tup in Newcastle on Friday night

The cunning employee attempts to get out of the shift by texting 23-year-old events manager Jamie Mullarkey a picture of a positive lateral flow test claiming they had Covid-19. 

The text from the employee - Viral News UK
The cheeky employee didn’t think this through.                                                              (C) Jamie Mullarkey

Jamie who works for Voodoo events, shared the tweet yesterday saying: “Got a text from one of my staff trying to get out of their shift tomorrow night.

“Thought I recognised the image from somewhere.” 

A picture of a positive Covid-19 test can be seen and in the next image the same picture can be seen on a Google results page.

Tup Tup in Newcastle - Viral News UK
The world famous club where the party night took place.                                                                    (C) Jamie Mullarkey

The employee’s text to Jamie says: “I have felt absolutely ill since going out on Tuesday but thought it was just a hangover.

“But my mum made me take a rona test and it came back positive on a lateral. 

“I’m going to go to a test site now to see what the crack is with this.” 

Speaking today Jamie from Newcastle said: “Basically one of my staff was Rota’d in for a shift at our Friday event Paradiso, at Tup Tup in Newcastle.

“Obviously they didn’t want to work and go out instead so they sent a pic of a lateral flow test to try and get out of the shift. 

“I recognised the picture before as someone has tried this before on me.

He added: “ She got the day off, we have someone else doing the shift.

“She’s not replied to me about it, I think she’s slightly embarrassed she’s been caught out. 

“It’s not that major in my opinion and people learn from their mistakes, it’s just funny how it transpired.” 

The stock image of lateral flow tests - Viral News UK
This has happened before to the hospitality manager.                                                                      (C) Jamie Mullarkey

The tweet collected nearly 6000 likes and hundreds of comments with social media users were in stitches over the bartenders cheeky tactic. 

@ninawoolleyX: “The cheek” followed by a number of crying with laughter emojis.

@LittleH0mestore said: “Don’t get why people would do that cause then you have to stay off for ten days and most people won’t get sick pay for it.” 

@lydiamccrossan joked: “Please tell us you called them out.” 

While @chelusion added: “Just let them have the day off for effort.” 

Earlier this year it was reported that a group of schools kids attempted to skip school by using lemon juice to fake a positive lateral flow test result.