University in Edinburgh announces its new chancellor for the next five years


AN EDINBURGH university has announced their new chancellor after the departure of their previous one who was appointed in 2015.

Will Whitehorn is the one taking over the role from Dr David Eustace as Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University.

The Edinburgh-born President of industry group UKspace takes on a role which will see him confer degrees at graduations and other awards of the University, and act as figurehead at external ceremonies and official functions.

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Photo by Edinburgh Napier University. Mr Whitehorn worked on a series of major Virgin projects, including the Pendolino train, and later took up the post of President at Virgin Galactic.

Mr Whitehorn will serve as the chancellor for five years and his handover took place at a small ceremony at the University’s Sighthill campus followed by an evening function.

Mr Whitehorn said: “I am deeply honoured to have been chosen as the new Chancellor of this great University in the city I was born and raised in.”

“University should be an adventure and Edinburgh Napier does a better job of fulfilling that dream for students than many educational institutions around the country can even dream of, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to play my small part in taking the achievements of the University to new heights.”

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Photo by Edinburgh Napier University. New Chancellor of ENU Will Whitehorn with previous Chancellor David Eustace.

A former executive at the Virgin Group, his business interests include travel, technology and communication as well as leadership, marketing and product design.

Outgoing Chancellor Dr Eustace, an award-winning photographer who graduated with distinction from the University’s BA Photography, Film and Television programme in 1991, was appointed to the role in 2015.

While chancellor he introduced the Chancellor Talk series in 2016 aiming to give students, staff, and the wider community access to high-profile people whose talent made a difference to our world.

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Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash. Mr Whitehorn will serve as the chancellor for five years before he hands the position over to someone else.

Dr Eustace said: “Being Chancellor was a wonderful learning process which has helped me develop. There are many things I’ll miss, especially the graduation ceremonies, but it was time for a new Chancellor and new ideas.

“Nothing stands still and it shouldn’t. The joy of education is that there is no finishing line.”