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NewsGordon Ramsay brutally mocks amateur chef making chicken Parmesan with chicken nuggets

Gordon Ramsay brutally mocks amateur chef making chicken Parmesan with chicken nuggets

Gordon Ramsay has brutally roasted an American who put a fast food spin on chicken Parmesan – by swapping chicken breasts for chicken nuggets.

The Hell’s Kitchen star posted a video onto his TikTok last night slamming
fellow TikTok user @aldentediva for her bizarre cooking attempt.

In the clip, which Ramsay has described as an Italian tragedy, Tara Ippolito is shown introducing her dish, saying: “Chicken nugget Parmesan.” 

Gordon Ramsay reacted to the recipe on TikTok - Viral Video News
The hilarious video gathered 8.2 million views.

Ramsay, 54, then can be heard interrupting in dismay, saying: “What? Chicken nugget Parmesan?” 

Tara then continues: “Why not chicken nugget Parmesan?” 

At this point Ramsay looks horrified as he watches the amateur chef place nine chicken nuggets onto six white rolls covered in tomato sauce.

The foul mouthed chef can then be heard saying: “Oh stop, oh no. No you’re going to get whacked for this!” 

Tara then covers the nuggets in Parmesan and lays square slices of cheese on top, exclaiming: “Each one fits perfectly on top of these teeny, tiny, party rolls.”

She then covers the “chicken nugget Parmesan” in garlic butter ready to go in the oven, while adding: “The hardest part of this recipe is the garlic butter that goes on top.” 

Ramsay can be heard slating the TikTok user’s attempt at the Italian classic saying: “The hardest part of this recipe?! Love, let me tell you a secret, swallowing it is the hardest part of this recipe.” 

The reaction clip on TikTok - Viral Video News
The chef slammed the recipe an Italian tragedy.

Tara captioned her original video: “With the speed at which kids gobble down nuggets it’s nice to have something different to make at least #chicken #nuggets #chickenparm #eat.”

Ramsay’s roasting video of the clip has gained over eight million views and more than 800,000 likes.

More than 10,000 followers have already commented on the post – with most viewers loving the budget meal creation.

@Bailisirishcream said: “Alright chef, I think this is the one and only time I’m going to disagree with you, because chicken nugget Parm is surprisingly delicious.”  

@adamontwowheels joked: “This is a million times better than Gordon Ramsay’s raw scrambled egg.” 

@thefluffymech said: “Don’t knock it till you try it, then you can always improve on it.” 

And @justabreadguy added: “Gordon you’ve got to remember we are poor and this looks amazing to us.”

This clip follows a series of #RamsayReacts videos which sees the foul-mouthed chef roasting home cooks who are attempting to get his attention with their weird and wacky meals.

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