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Shocking video captures moment brazen thieves rob garden centre

A SHOCKING video shows the moment brazen thieves laugh and joke as they break into a garden centre to take over £150 worth of features.

The thieves, who robbed the Fairy Gardens UK unit in Colchester, Essex, on Sunday could even heard discussing stealing presents for their mum.

Fairy Gardens UK later posted a Ringcam video to Facebook on Monday showing the thieves arriving at the unit, writing: “We’d like to share this video of the lovely people who visited the unit last night.

“You’ve got to laugh at the conversation and their brazen attitude to taking stuff that’s not theirs. 

“‘Pick something for your mum but don’t ruin the display.’ One of them says.

“If anyone knows or recognises these delightful individuals please let us know.
“Oh, and they didn’t just pick an item for mum they took the flaming lot including the garden tubs!” 

In the footage, the thieves arrive on bikes and begin looking around the unit.

At one point a man can heard saying: “That’s heavy” as he walks around the front of the building.

A woman’s voice in the video can clearly be heard saying: “If you wanna pick one up for your mum or whatever, then pick one, but do not ruin the display. 

The man’s voice can then be heard be laughing loudly. He then repeats “don’t ruin the display” through his laughter.

The post now has over 90 shares, with several people commenting in anger at the actions of the thieves.

Thieves arriving - Crime News UK
The thieves start by looking around the unit.                                                                                            (C) Wendy Patis

Karen O’Grady said: “Surely someone is going to recognise those distinctive voices – what is wrong with people. 

“So mums out there – if your grown up son brings you a random present – you will know they stole it – tell them to return it like the naughty little boys that they are”. 

Lyn Brenchley commented: “I’m sure their mums will be very proud of the thieving gits they have brought into the world”. 

Carli Fuller replied: “Wow! Your mum must be over the moon with her stolen gift., scummers”. 

Adrian Lock added: “Surely it’s the parents that are partially if not fully to blame. They have to take some responsibility for their family’s actions”.

Speaking today, Wendy Patis, who shares the business with her sister, said: “The comment made me laugh out loud. 

“At first I thought it was three men, then I realised it was a woman’s voice and a couple of teenagers.

“I was disgusted that there are women out there who would do that.

Ringcam of fairy garden thief - Crime News UK
One man is seen very clearly on the footage.                                                                                            (C) Wendy Patis

“They started trying to take next door’s small potted trees, clearly after stuff for her garden.

“We circulated the footage as it was just hysterical, since then we have been given a name of someone. 

“This has been passed to the police so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with that.

“The next-door unit has a ring device, they recorded it and sent me the message about 10pm on Sunday.

“They took some display houses and accessories, some completely potted up plant pots which we had for sale at garden shows and had been left over, the value was about £150.

“To be honest the houses had minor faults on them hence why they were outside.

“It’s not what they took that’s the problem it was the outright brazen attitude – the comment – ‘take something for your mother but don’t ruin the display’.”

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